From VMworld 2007: DataCore's Partners Make 'Total Enterprise Virtualization' a Reality Worldwide

With DataCore as the Storage Foundation for Virtual Infrastructure, Solution Providers Build Enterprise-Wide Virtual Infrastructures with VMware, Citrix and Others

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11 / -- DataCore Software, the leading provider of hardware independent storage virtualization and SAN management solutions, announced today from VMworld 2007 (Booth 215) that its network of solution providers offering Total Enterprise Virtualization more than doubled worldwide in the year following last year's conference. On the heels of VMworld 2006, Total Enterprise Virtualization emerged to address mounting demand to extend the benefits of virtualization enterprise-wide by implementing and integrating mature, hardware independent software products, such as those offered by DataCore, Citrix, VMware and others, into a comprehensive virtualization solution spanning storage, servers and desktop computers. Today, DataCore storage virtualization and VMware, Citrix or other server or desktop virtualization solutions are working together to bring better and broader virtual infrastructures to customers in over 50% of DataCore deployments.

"We anticipated that once they understood the benefits of virtualization for their customers and their businesses, solution providers would recognize that focusing only on the virtualization of one part of the infrastructure wouldn't be sufficient," said George Teixeira, CEO and president, DataCore Software. "It was also clear at VMworld 2006 that this community had made the leap and was already looking for complementary solutions to extend their existing virtualization practices and implementations. But what has been a pleasant surprise is how quickly this uptake has occurred among solution providers worldwide and the depth of their commitment in becoming well-versed and well-trained in our products and in Total Enterprise Virtualization."

TEV solutions: seamless virtualization for bigger virtualization benefits

According to James Price, president, Fairway Consulting Group, Inc., a South Florida based virtual infrastructure solutions company and VMware authorized consultant (VAC), "DataCore Software's technology enables our clients to extend the virtualization paradigm from server virtualization to storage virtualization, making Total Enterprise Virtualization possible."

"Our customers have realised they must virtualise their storage environment in order to get the most out of their virtualised server environment," said Anand Karan, business manager, Lincom Solutions, a Melbourne, Australia-based, specialised professional services company. "DataCore's storage virtualisation allows us to create for our customers a seamless solution for configuring and allocating storage just as quickly and easily as they can create and allocate virtual servers, while also providing a robust platform for geographically isolated storage deployment and disaster recovery services. DataCore and VMware are a great combination for our customers and for us."

TEV expertise: A key differentiator among competing solution providers

"We were among the first in Germany to invest in developing the skills and experience to expertly implement multiple virtual infrastructure solutions, like DataCore and Citrix, into a coherent whole," said Rolf Braun, board member of Germany-based CEMA, a DataCore authorized partner specializing in IT and network solutions. "We recognized early on that implementing one, single purposed, hardware appliance after another does not lead to truly efficient and cost-effective, long term solutions for our customers, and that these objectives are best achieved by architecting hardware-independent, software- based, flexible infrastructures upon which many problems can be solved with software."

"In Japan, demand for VMware is growing fast and so is the competition among VMware resellers and OEMs", said Toshihiro Yamada, president, IT CORE Corporation. "With DataCore, we gain competitive advantages in this market because, unlike the OEMs and other VMware vendors, we offer a total solution: server virtualization and storage virtualization working together. This is great for our customers and allows us to compete with our expertise in Total Enterprise Virtualization, instead of just price."

"We serve a mostly SMB market in Ecuador," said Rueben Rocha, sales director, VirtualIT, a leader in developing virtual infrastructures that is based in Ecuador. "With DataCore and VMware solutions, we can offer our clients enterprise-class Total Enterprise Virtualization infrastructures that would normally be unaffordable through a physical approach."

DataCore is the storage foundation for Total Enterprise Virtualization

According to Steve Kaplan, founder and CEO, AccessFlow, a leading, Sacramento, California-based, VMware value-added reseller, "As the industry's best storage and SAN infrastructure management software, DataCore goes hand- in-hand with VMware virtualization and infrastructure solutions. We know from our customers that DataCore Software's full line of storage virtualization, disaster recovery, and continuous data protection solutions are an integral part of the infrastructure for Total Enterprise Virtualization. And with DataCore, our customers get cost-effective and affordable SAN and iSCSI solutions that offer high availability, performance, thin provisioning and hardware independence."

"Virtualisation has changed the IT world, irreversibly, said Andrew Binding, UK managing director of Magirus International, a leading European value added distributor. "Resellers are now expected to offer several best-in- class virtualisation solutions and to be expert in them and in their implementation in tandem. As a consultative distributor, Magirus' business is based on helping our partners to exceed such expectations and thereby build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. This is why we have selected and recommend DataCore as the storage foundation for virtual infrastructures."

About DataCore Software

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