French Manufacturing Expertise Showcased on The TraceParts Platform with Poral's Products Based on The Metal Powder Sintering Technology

The CAD models for the Metafram® self-lubricating bearings can already be downloaded from the platform.

Saint-Romain, France; February 17, 2021 – Poral, an expert in manufacturing sintered solutions, has chosen to publish its parts on the Smart-Publishing platform from TraceParts, a world-leading supplier of 3D content for engineering.

Previously known as Sintertech, Poral manufactures metal filters, complex automotive parts and Metafram® self-lubricating bearings. Poral's products are engineered to withstand the harshest environments, since they are used in the nuclear, aeronautical and robotics industries.

One of the main reasons for Poral's decision to publish its parts on the TraceParts platform is to reach out to its end customers. But that is not the only motivation that prompted Poral to change its strategy:

"Our choice focused on the TraceParts solution, because it's so easy to look up parts online as a user. The number of people registered on the platform and the straightforward discussions with our contacts at TraceParts also tipped the scales in their favor," explains Tristan Romano, Sales Engineer at Poral.

The parts from the Metafram® range have been published on the platform with the Smart-Publishing solution. Poral's teams published their CAD models themselves using this dedicated solution.

"The Smart-Publishing tool features a fairly easy learning curve. It hardly took any time at all to upload everything, since we already had our 3D files, and their technical support teams were so efficient and responsive," adds Tristan Romano, Sales Engineer at Poral.

Poral can now update its existing parts on whenever required or add new products when requested by its customers and prospects.

About Poral

Ever since 1945, Poral's continuous research efforts have played a key role in enabling the company to pioneer its own powder formation, compression and sintering technologies for high-quality self-lubricating bushing applications. Poral's technical expertise can be credited to the extensive track record that the company has forged since it was known as Alliages Frittés Metafram® and renamed Sintertech in 1991.

Poral's brand portfolio includes Metafram®, which has built a reputation as an expert in manufacturing self-lubricating bearings. Drawing strength from its proprietary processes and materials, Poral offers a wide range of sintered metals and applications. Our brands are recognized for their superior quality and performance, meaning that Metafram® is a strong partner for your industrial projects.

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