Freescale Redistributed Chip Packaging Technology Moves Toward Volume Production

Revolutionary technology passes commercial specifications

AUSTIN, Texas - March 6, 2007 - Freescale Semiconductor is setting up a pilot production line at its facility in Tempe, Ariz. for its recently announced Redistributed Chip Packaging (RCP) technology in preparation for volume manufacturing. In addition, the RCP technology hit a key milestone as it passed commercial industry specifications.

Freescale announced the RCP technology in July 2006. RCP integrates semiconductor packaging as a functional part of the die and system solution. It addresses some of the limitations associated with current generations of packaging technologies by eliminating wire bonds, package substrates and flip chip bumps while providing an industry-leading solution for scaling package size and thickness.

The technology is applicable to 3G mobile phones and a broad range of consumer, industrial and networking devices that can benefit from the consolidation of electronic components into a single, miniaturized system.

The RCP technology recently passed commercial technical specifications for reliability and durability including:

Passed Moisture Sensitivity Level 3 with 260ºC reflow testing
Passed 1,500 cycles of air-to-air thermal cycling after pre-conditioning
Completed 96 hours of unbiased Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) after pre-conditioning.

"These recent achievements highlight our leadership and commitment to this breakthrough packaging technology," said Sumit Sadana, senior vice president of Strategy and Business Development and chief technology officer for Freescale. "We look forward to proliferating this technology across our product portfolio."

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