Fragrance Diffusion Gets Greener with Reeds Optimized for Water-Based Formulas

(Fairburn, GA – December 6, 2018) – To enable the eco-friendly fragrance formulas growing in popularity, Porex Corporation has created a reed that enables water-based formulas while still providing more uniform, longer-lasting diffusion.

New environmental regulations spurred by organizations like the California Air Resource Board (CARB) have led to the development of water-based formulas for reed diffuser products. POREX’s proprietary reed design offers compatibility with these more sustainable formulas without compromising diffusion performance. 

“Enhanced consumer safety and air quality are at the core of the POREX® reed diffuser design,” said Rusty Martin, global strategic marketing director at POREX. “It is the first and only product on the market to address these concerns without sacrificing product efficacy. This innovation is another example of the ways our unmatched technologies can meet new trends and provide superior solutions amidst a changing industry.”

Designed to utilize high-performance capillary action, POREX® reeds offer a more reliable fragrance release than the traditional rattan and bamboo reed diffusers standard on the market. Unlike with materials used in other reed technologies, diffusion in POREX’s proprietary reed composition occurs along the entire length of the wick. A homogeneous porous structure releases a controlled rate of fragrance that continuously permeates the surrounding environment. Due to the product’s consistent diffusion, the user experiences a steadier presence of scent and extended product life.

In addition, Porex’s “no-flip” feature prevents clogging and eliminates the need to handle the reed once initially placed in the fragrance solution. This avoids mess and product waste. The porous design also features unique flexibility and durability, making it more weather-resistant than alternative reed materials.

POREX reeds are manufactured using advanced colorfast processes that prevent color migration as the fragrance diffuses along the reed, eliminating fading and maintaining a premium, like-new appearance. The new lineup of reeds will feature seven standard color selections including white, natural, black, yellow, lilac, light blue, and grey to offer a broad variety of décor and accent possibilities. Custom color options are also available via product specialist consultation.

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