Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant

This month Solar Atmospheres of Hermitage PA officially launched its Florescent Liquid Penetrant (FLP) testing line which is capable of testing up to 40 foot long parts. This crane accessible operation is run by in house level 2 inspectors (IAW NAS410 rev.3) and includes a 36'x3' wash tank with a 10'x12' inspection booth. Michael Johnson, Solar Atmospheres Sales Manager, expects the line to "assist our customers by offering a more diverse and capable service line. This FLP line is another way we can ensure quality and give our customers more value added processing at the same time."

The liquid penetrant line has been reviewed inspected and approved by Solar customers meeting all expectations. With large (up to 36 foot) vacuum furnace capabilities, excellent quality, customer service and quick turnaround; Solar's FLP line adds another dimension to its dynamic selection of services.

Fluorescent penetrant inspection is a method of inspecting weldments after the heat treating process. This high sensitivity application is used to determine defects in the weldments of heat treated parts by using a darkened atmosphere and fluorescent dye. The dye is attracted to defects in the weldments via capillary reaction giving a visual alert to the inspector that there is a problem in that particular area.

For more information on our liquid penetrant line or vacuum thermal processing please call 866.982.0660 or email Solar at wpa@solatatm.com

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