Flexsystems Manufacturers Parts for a Wheelchair Manufacturer

Flexsystems, a custom plastic manufacturer in San Diego, is manufacturing parts for Advanced Engineering Lab. A company in Wisconsin that creates products for handicap customers.

Our Flexsystems 3D custom label is heat sealed onto the wheel chair harness. It is a subtle way to brand this particular part. The heat seal used is strong and bonds well to certain fabrics. And in most cases is a permanent bond.  "The customer wanted a part that would stand the test of time," said Gary Smith from Flexsystems.  "The fact that our parts are used in many industries and last a long time is a selling point to our customers."  Flexsystems has been using the new Flex BioCorn™ material for over a year now and with great results. It maintains the same features that were tested at SGS labs years ago. Tensile strength, cold crack, dry crock, chlorine, salt water, abrasion and toxicity ASTM measures.

A new item was also created for AEL. They wanted a type of keychain that would have the various diameters of wheels on the part so that the person could easily measure this for themselves. We tested a variety of durometers and came up with one that would work for the various wheel diameters or ¼ inch, 1 7/8 inch, 1 inch and ¾ inch. Instead of using our 3D process, we made the sheets with the correct durometer and thickness and then silkscreened on the various dimensions to correspond to each radius that was die cut into the material.

Since 1994, Flexsystems has been working with medical companies, hockey, shoe, sporting good, consumer goods and military groups for their specific plastic requirements. "No two jobs are the same," says Gary Smith, the senior sales person at Flexsystems. With his background in engineering as well as service in the Air Force, this experience has helped him work with the broad spectrum of industries that utilize the custom USA made plastic parts.

FlexSystems USA, Inc. is a premier importer and manufacturer of custom plastic and rubber products. They use flexible 2D and 3D custom process-sew to manufacture tailor-made emblems for bags, key chains, polo shirts, and other promotional items. They are located at 727 West Main Street, El Cajon, California. Contact them at sales@flexsystems.com or call 619-401-1858 today.

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