Flex Interconnect Technologies Now Carries Samtec Flex Cable Lines

Standard & Custom HFEM, HFHM Series

SILICON VALLEY, CA - Flex Interconnect Technologies (FIT), a leader in the design, manufacture and assembly of flexible printed circuits, now offers Samtec's standard line of flexes as well as support for its custom flexes.

FIT has partnered with Samtec for more than eight years, and is an approved channel partner to carry the high-speed flex cable line. The company produces these with the same high-quality materials and streamlined processes that Samtec uses in order to meet the signal integrity and product reliability characteristics.

FIex Interconnect Technologies will supply Samtec Standard Flex Connector Cables from the series HFEM, HFEM2, HFHM, HFHM2, SADL, FFDL2, ZFHF, TCDL2, TFMDL, ZHDL2, ERDL2, HSF8 and ZF1 series.

The high-speed flex cables will be available as standard stock items and also can be customized to fit specific customer needs. For more information or a price quote, contact sales@fit4flex.com.

About FIT

Flex Interconnect Technologies is the leader in flexible printed circuit technologies and can provide solutions to your interconnect problems. They have expertise in producing a wide variety of Flex circuits, Rigid-flex circuits and HDI flex. Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran of the flexible printed circuit world, FIT can help you find a reliable and cost-effective solution. They provide complete Engineering Support, Design Layout, Quickturn Prototypes, Volume Production and Turnkey Assembly. For more information about Flex Interconnect Technologies, visit www.fit4flex.com.

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