FisherCast Doubles Magnesium Die Casting Capacity

FisherCast Global Corporation, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, a world leader in zinc and magnesium alloy die casting services, has doubled its precision, flash-free magnesium die casting capacity with the commissioning of additional hot chamber equipment. FisherCast uses Frech die casting technology, which enables net shape high-volume production of complex small- and medium-sized magnesium components. An increasing number of OEMs are opting for the light-weight, high strength-to-weight ratio performance of magnesium alloy. The net shape close tolerances and part-to-part consistency, which FisherCast achieves in its magnesium die casting process, greatly reduces manufacturing costs as no secondary machining is required.

FisherCast's magnesium die casting machines also increase size capabilities in magnesium. Well-known for the manufacture of miniature and small magnesium components up to 150g and a surface area of 72cm2, FisherCast can now offer a more complete service to customers up to 350g and a surface area of 275cm2.

By transferring its engineering and precision manufacturing experience in zinc alloys to the die cast magnesium component market, FisherCast offers customers cost-cutting and quality benefits not available from traditional magnesium die casting firms. This expertise will open up opportunities for more OEMs to consider die cast magnesium components for their applications.

Magnesium die casting is a logical move for FisherCast, as it offers benefits not attainable with other materials and can be an alternative to zinc alloy where component weight is critical. When comparing other structural metals to magnesium, aluminum is 50% heavier, zinc is 265% heavier, and steel is 335% heavier. Not only is magnesium light, it has excellent dimensional stability, high fluidity for thin wall sections for reduced cost and increased production rates. Magnesium also has inherent EMI/RFI shielding properties, and excellent vibration and noise dampening capabilities.

FisherCast Global Corporation serves OEMs and Tier I and II customers in the automotive, telecommunication, industrial controls, appliance, power tool, hardware, electronic, medical and defense industries with high precision zinc and magnesium die casting solutions.

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