Fischer Coating Thickness Gauges

Fischer Technology offers a complete range of hand held coating thickness gauges ideally suited for measurements of paint, powder coating, plating, chrome and anodize. Fischer coating thickness gauges measure over ferrous, non-ferrous, or both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

The FMP Series instruments are the DELTASCOPE® FMP10/30, ISOSCOPE® FMP10/30, DUALSCOPE® FMP20/40 and DUALSCOPE® FMP100/150 coating thickness gauges. These are easy to use and versatile instruments that offer a large and bright graphic display with an extremely durable shock resistant casing. A large selection of probes is interchangeable for the new FMP Series yielding extreme accuracy and a wide measurement range. The probes are designed for hard to reach areas, curvatures, surface roughness, thin or thick coatings, soft coatings, duplex coatings, marine coatings, fireproof coatings, coatings applied to bridges, water tanks, vessels and other steel structures.

The FMP30/40 feature strategies for measurement capture, more memory and extensive graphical and statistical evaluation capabilities. These units are designed with application specific settings to meet the requirements set forth by SSPC-PA2, IMO PSPC and others. They have up to 100 application memories, up to 20,000 readings in up to 4000 blocks and are now available with an integrated Bluetooth® interface for easy data transmission to a PC or notebook.

You will find the appropriate instrument in the new FMP family to fit your measuring application. The instrument type is determined based on the coatings to be measured and their respective substrate materials.

Fischer Technology is a U.S. manufacturer of coating thickness, material testing, and material analysis instrumentation. Fischer provides certified mylar foils and other standards. Measurement methods available by Fischer include X-ray fluorescence, beta backscatter, magnetic induction, eddy current, and coulometric. Fischer also offers solutions for micro-hardness, conductivity, ferrite content, and porosity testing. For additional information regarding the measurement of coating thickness, hardness measurement, or material analysis contact Fischer Technology at 860-683-0781 or visit us online at

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