Financial Software Innovations, Inc. Announces New Features to FSITrack®

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 29 // -- Financial Software Innovations, Inc. (FSI), a leader in unclaimed property software, today announced new features to the FSITrack® application, further aligning its product with holders' needs and the ever-changing environments of technology, state laws, and accounting practices.

FSI extends its already impressive unclaimed property software capabilities with new features that include mailing labels, a due diligence letter specific to the state of California, specific color-coded alerts for negative reporting and electronic filing, and state specific exemptions (e.g. Business2Business, payroll, and gift certificate exemptions). The new features respond to needs valued most by holders, allowing them to manage unclaimed property with ease.

The new FSITrack® exemption feature not only educates holders of the possible filing exemptions they may take per state laws, but it simplifies the exemptions filing process as well. By implementing these exemptions, holders have the potential to save thousands of dollars each year.

"These latest enhancements to the FSITrack® application further extend our functional leadership as the unclaimed property solution provider," said Cecil Patton, President and CEO of FSI. "We have raised the bar again by putting the power and control of unclaimed property reporting directly in the holders' hands."

About Financial Software Innovations, Inc. (FSI, Inc.)

Financial Software Innovations, Inc. (FSI) provides annual statement and unclaimed property software to insurance companies and organizations in the manufacturing, retail, education, legal, and other corporate environments. FSI software enables clients to build financials and solve database management problems rapidly and easily.

FSI has provided software products since 1985. FSI software has become the application of choice for financial departments worldwide.

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