Ferrini Corp Shortlisted for Award Within the Innovation Category by Lloyd's List for Next Generation Collapsable Intermodal Shipping Container

La Jolla, CA – Ferrini Corporation announced today that it has been shortlisted within the "innovation category" by the 2013 Lloyd's List Asia Awards honoring trendsetters within the international maritime industry. The winners will be announced at the prestigious industry award ceremony to be held on November 26, 2012 in Singapore. The shortlist can be viewed at www.lloydslist.com/asiaawards.

Ferrini Corporation has completed the necessary design and received United States patent approval for a lightweight collapsible intermodal shipping container that would create significant savings in fuel, labor, container yard rents and other associated costs.

The Ferrini container is designed to permit three collapsed containers to be placed within the footprint of one standard container and include polymers, plastic or composite construction materials to significantly reduce the weight of a traditional metal container.

The Ferrini design will conform to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards and will fully integrate into the supply chain as opposed to previous collapsible container design attempts.

The design allows the process of erection and collapsing that can be accomplished without the need for specialized tooling, but instead can be completed with existing dockside/warehouse container-handling machinery.

Design features include:

• Access points from doors at both ends of the container, the roof, and the side panels.

• Complete disassembly capability into six components consisting of two doors, roof, floor, and two side panels permitting easy replacement of damaged components.

• Water tight, buoyant, and GPS/RFI ready. 

• 27 collapsed containers in the footprint of 9 standard containers.

• 20', 40', 45', 48', 53' and "high cube" configurations.

"Over my thirty years in containers and finance, I have seen numerous collapsible container offerings, and the Ferrini design is the first and only to integrate fully with the international logistics system and to solve collapsing of all container sizes including high cubes and dom-cons," stated Donald Paynter of the Commodore Funding Corp.

The price differential between a Ferrini collapsible container and standard containers will be less than 20%, which would provide a complete return on investment to the purchaser in less than one year.

There could be significant financial savings in repositioning costs per container per round trip with a potential $5.4 billion worldwide savings from a 3:1 consolidation.

Ferrini Container is now poised to build the first collapsible container prototypes and wishes to form strategic partnerships with shipping carriers, container leasing companies, container manufacturers, trucking fleets, railroads, governments or interested investors.

"Mr. Ferrini's patent covers unique and novel features which have never before been included in an ocean-going shipping container. We were able to obtain expedited examination for Mr. Ferrini's patent application because it involved an invention which related to national security," said Marvin Kleinberg, Senior Partner of the Los Angeles Intellectual Property law firm, Kleinberg Lerner.

Ferrini Corporation has introduced this concept to the Pentagon where it remains under careful consideration as a strategic enhancement to military global logistics requirements.

"This container represents a new and innovative approach to one of the most challenging problems faced by military logisticians both at sea, in the air and ashore," according to Len R. Hering, RADM, USN (ret).

"It can save time, money and brings options to the war fighting space that today are simply not

possible," he added.

The Ferrini Container has been selectively introduced to an international shipping company, US railroad, US trucking company and the Department of Defense, all of whom are awaiting prototypes.

"The Ferrini Container is a revolutionary solution to enhance margins to ocean shipping companies, railroads, and the trucking industry, which are facing economic, environmental and political pressures," stated Jonathan Ferrini, Ferrini Corporation CEO & President.

The value proposition for investors in Ferrini Container is that Ferrini Container provides a high margin IP licensing business model.

About Ferrini Corporation

Ferrini Corporation is a privately held Subchapter S Corporation in San Diego, California engaged in the research and development of intermodal shipping containers. The genesis of Ferrini Container was borne from the President, Jonathan Ferrini's 20+ years industrial real estate experience where he saw firsthand the inefficiencies inherent within the handling/storage of shipping containers particularly within port settings and his desire to reduce the necessary real estate required within container storage yards. In addition to being a solution to a real estate problem, Ferrini Container has proven to be a solution to the political, environmental, and economic pressures on supply chain participant margins. ferrinicorp@gmail.com, www.ferrinicontainer.com

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