Federal Electronics, Inc. Selected to Supply Assemblies for Trident Submarine Based Nuclear Missile Guidance System

CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND - Federal Electronics, Inc., a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services, today announced that it has been selected by Charles Stark Draper Laboratories(CSDL) to build interconnect assemblies for the Trident II (D5) MK6 Life Extension Guidance System (Mk6LE).

The goal of the MK6LE program is to extend the guidance system life to 2042 while lowering the Navy's future maintenance and support costs. As the Prime Contractor, CSDL oversees the MK6LE development team and its major subcontractors as it modernizes the missile's MK6 inertial guidance system.

Product and process qualification is currently underway and is expected to be completed in Q1 2010. Production is expected to commence in mid-2010 in support of requirements at the Integrated Support Facility (ISF) in Pittsfield, MA. The ISF is managed by Draper and operated by a joint General Dynamics/Raytheon team, where all inertial measurement unit (IMU) and guidance system electronics repair will take place.

About Federal Electronics

Founded in 1948, Federal Electronics, Inc. is a leading vertically-integrated electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider. Service offerings include advanced technology circuit card assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, fiber optic interconnect assembly and functionally tested higher level assemblies and system level integration. Based in Cranston, Rhode Island, the company serves the needs of military prime contractors and original equipment manufacturers by providing comprehensive production solutions that lower cycle times, control and reduce costs, and create flexible supply chains that are responsive to volume variability. For more information, visit www.federalelec.com.

About Draper Labs

Draper is a leader in high accuracy Guidance, Navigation, & Control (GN&C) systems. Design agent for the U.S. Navy's strategic missile guidance systems since the 1950s, Draper is developing advanced sensor technology, including silicon oscillating accelerometers and laser gyros integrated at the chip level.

Press contact: Don Goncalves, Tiziani Whitmyre, 781-793-9380, dgoncalves@tizinc.com

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