Farpointe's New Mullion 2-Factor Keypad Reader Installed at Morristown (Vt.) Fire and EMS Building

Cameras Networking and Security of Vermont (CNSVT) Prefers Easier Installation of Mullion Size for Proximity/Keypad Access Control

Sunnyvale, Calif., USA - November 1, 2016 - Farpointe Data, the access control industry's global partner of choice for premium RFID solutions, today announced that Farpointe's new P620 mullion-sized combination proximity/keypad reader made installation much easier for Cameras Networking and Security of Vermont (CNSVT) of Barre, Vt., at the Morristown Fire and EMS building, also in Vermont. The mullion keypad reader mounts directly to a standard North American sized wall switch box or any flat surface. It features an eight-inch proximity card read range for increased convenience while the user enters a PIN on the keyboard.

"The dimensions of the reader were very important," emphasizes Tom Uchacz, CNSVT owner. "Vermont is the granite capital of the world and installing the 1.78 × 6.1 inch (45 × 155 mm) mullion size P620 reader was much easier than having to drill holes in or add a box to a granite wall tomount the larger standard size combination proximity/keypad reader. We only had to pull two wires, one for the strike and one for the reader and we were done."

According to Uchacz, the Morristown Fire Department prefers a keypad and proximity reader at their facility in case someone forgets their access credential. With a PIN (personal identification number), they can still enter the building.The mullion keypad reader also supports applications requiring 2-factor verification in which the user must show something they have, the card, as well as something they know, the PIN.As such, the P620 meets the newly-introduced CIP-006 requirements for 2-factor authentication as described by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

"I chose Farpointe because Farpointe produces quality products," says Uchacz. "I use Farpointe almost exclusively and have been for many years."

Like other Farpointe products, the mullion keypad readercarries a lifetime warranty. OEMs can assure their channel network and customers that they will only have to pay for this special unit once. If something goes wrong, Farpointe will replace it.

Since many of the mullion keypad units are slated to be used outdoors or in dusty environments, the mullion-sized proximity/keypad combination is designed to meet IP67 certification. The unit features tamper-proof and weather-resistant epoxy potting to avoid problems with dust, mist or water. It works in temperature extremes from -40°F to +149°F (-40°C to +65°). With distinctive blue backlit keys, the digits are very easy to read in dark environments.

"I like the design," adds Uchacz."It is one solid peace with no moveable parts. Being easier to install than standard size 2-factor readers, I actually now prefer the P620. In Vermont, the temperature reaches 30 degrees below zero and keypads with mechanical buttons often tend to freeze and not work that well. With the capacitive keypad found on the P620, this is not an issue."

At the Morristown facility, the readers are paired with Hartmann Controls newest offering, the Protector.Net.

About Cameras Networking and Security of Vermont (CNSVT)

At CNS, Barre, Vt., customer service and support is our number one goal. With over twenty five years in the technology business, we have the track record of finding and developing cutting edge technology that will enhance your company's security and safety needs. www.cnsvt.com

About Farpointe

Since 2003, Farpointe Data has become the global partner of choice for premium RFID solutions. Encompassing a broad range of access control readers and credentials, these solutions include 125-kHz proximity, 13.56-MHz contactless smartcard and 433-MHz long-range technologies. Electronic access control system professionals around the world count on Farpointe's exacting designs, superior manufacturing, competitive prices and excellent performance to enhance their access control systems. www.farpointedata.com

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