Facilis Technology Declares War on Network Attached Storage

Their non-TCP custom shared file system is evolving into the premium choice for content creators worldwide

HUDSON, MA (February 15, 2018) – At NAB 2018, Facilis (Booth SL7920), a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, will compare generic NAS to the custom-built shared file system in the latest version of its award-winning shared storage network.

Facilis Technology version 7.1, will be shipping for NAB 2018. In this new version, Facilis adds new features that can’t be found in generic NAS systems, including:

  • Automatic multi-connectivity failover (including Fibre Channel to Ethernet) with no manual client or server-side configuration.
  • Automatic Load balancing of clients across multiple server IP addresses, also with no manual configuration requirement.
  • Historical and dynamic client and volume bandwidth tracking, as well as overall server load monitoring.
  • Changeable volume ownership for multi-server environments, enabling data on older storage enclosures to be shared more efficiently.
  • Simplified remote client deployment, enabling software update of every workstation from any connected browser.
  • Local shared file system mounting changes the nature of the volume at the client operating system from network drive to local drive appearance and functionality.
  • Dynamic routing of client workstations on any server connection, per volume.

In addition, optimizations in the shared file system have resulted in 15-20% better speeds across each connection method, load balanced across any number of server uplinks, without teaming or bonding. In addition, dynamic ownership and RAID51 features ensure no single point of failure in multi-server environments.

“At Facilis, we have a thriving installed base of over 3000 facilities worldwide, a large percentage of whom have been our customers for over 10 years. We recognize the importance of being their trusted partner through the long haul.” said James McKenna, VP at Facilis Technology. “Our product is vital to our customers’ business, and we take that responsibility extremely seriously. Visitors to our booth at NAB will see a range of products and systems that are battle proven, offer incredible operational capabilities, and provide best in class value for money. We are looking forward to an exciting show where we will bring some truly exciting technology to market.”

 About Facilis Technology

Founded in 2003, Massachusetts-based Facilis Technology, Inc. designs and builds premium, turnkey shared storage solutions for collaborative media production across all content creation workflows. Their production-proven solutions are designed for use by the craft editor, facility engineer, and owner-operator alike. Flexible, scalable and compatible with industry-standard creative solutions, Facilis’ products blend seamlessly into any network environment and have been installed in more than 3000 facilities worldwide. http://facilis.com/

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