Exceeding Expectations with Ergonomic Engineering: Bishamon's UniLift(TM) is Made to Last

Features and Benefits

The UniLift™ set the new standard in innovation, efficiency and portability with its all-in-one pallet transporter and work positioner features. Its unique design eliminates the need for fork lifts and lift tables making it ideal for tight work spaces. Other features include:

  • Handles and steers like a standard pallet jack facilitating worker convenience and safety

  • Up to 2,000-pound capacity without straddling

  • Reaches a height up to 36 inches

  • Fitted with high quality polyurethane wheels and a multi-roller entry system for easy pallet entry and exit

  • Designed to last with a durable powder coated finish that protects the equipment from harsh environmental conditions

Industry Group: Bishamon Industries Corporation

The Bishamon UniLift™ gives employees at Value Drug an ergonomic solution for a more productive work environment.

The Challenge

For over eighty years, the Value Drug Company has been providing wholesale pharmaceutical distribution services to over 1,200 independent drugstores. In 2012, the company expanded and altered its warehouse strategy to meet demands, be more efficient and plan for the future of their growing company. This expansion called for a product that would meet their specific needs:

  1. Increase ergonomics in handling pallets of boxed products for offloading from the floor

  2. Ease of portability for worker safety and efficiency

  3. Withstand and keep up with the growing business by providing quality and durable products

The One Product that Solved Many Problems

The Bishamon UniLift™ was the solution that not only met their immediate needs, but is projected to grow with the company’s changing demands. After utilizing the UniLift™, operators at Value Drug stated that it addressed much needed ergonomic issues related to offloading and product positioning on the line. The electro-mechanical outrigger actuation feature, for example, adjusts to individual worker requirements with position sensors making the job easier and more comfortable. Value Drug operators also mentioned that the UniLift™ has provided portability and easy positioning while maintaining a small footprint – an asset that increased efficiency and worker safety. Employed for one 8-hour shift per day and charged only once a week, the UniLift™ has increased the offloading process by three, allowing workers to handle up to 2.5 times the freight per day. Not only did the UniLift™ increase worker ergonomics, but it also allowed the pallets be positioned and repositioned at various locations on the line. Customers like Value Drug Company is important to Bishamon – that is why Bishamon Industries is “Working Harder to Make Your Job Easier.”

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