Exair’s High Power Cold Gun for Machining Operations

EXAIR’s High Power Cold Gun produces a stream of 20ºF air to reduce heat build up from laser cutting and a wide variety of machining operations. It has twice the cooling capability of an ordinary Cold Gun and is suitable for continuous use without the possibility of freezing up.

The High Power Cold Gun System incorporates a stainless steel vortex tube that converts an ordinary supply of compressed air into cold air. A flexible ball and socket hose that holds its position is used to direct the cold air to the point where the heat is generated. A magnetic base makes it easy to mount and portable.

The High Power Cold Gun is a low cost alternative to expensive mist systems. It eliminates the ongoing costs associated with the purchase, filtration, clean up and disposal of liquid coolants. There are no worker related health problems that can result from breathing airborne coolants or slipping on wet shop floors. The High Power Cold Gun is ideal for laser cutting, tool sharpening, drill and cutter grinding, milling, drilling, surface grinding, plastic machining, plunge/form grinding. https://exair.co/93-hpcgdir

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