Evanston’s Dream to Product Wins Oprah’s Favorite

Subhead: manufacturing is alive and well in Evanston

Evanston, IL: Good things come to those who believe!

SOLID Development Corp dba Dream to Product (www.dreamtoproduct.com) announces award of a large assembly manufacturing contract. Dream to Product is manufacturing a decorative vase that grows plants using hydroponic technology. This product originated as one of Oprah’s favorite things. The vase is being sold across the country in Target stores branded as Modern Sprout.

According to Evanston Mayor Stephen Hagerty “It’s exciting to see a 21st century creative manufacturing business like Dream to Product thriving in Evanston. It's proof that Evanston's economic growth is powered by intellectual capital and highly trained technicians, like those Dream to Product is hiring."

We always knew our move to Evanston would open new contract manufacturing opportunities. This product assembly contract is proof that we were right. Our 27,000 sq ft industrial property here in Evanston, IL is perfect for receiving the large volumes of inventory that are needed to keep up with assembling over 9000 units every week,” said Dream to Product Founder Jim Orrico.

Dream to Product has hired an additional 8 people in the last month. “I am excited to see our team growing so rapidly, said Orrico, “We see this as the beginning with a lot more contract assembly and rework opportunities and are striving to make this a fun place to work.”

Dream to Product offers product design and manufacturing as a service. Their quality management process is ISO 9001 certified. They are a team of professionals with expertise in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. Customers come at all different stages of a product life cycle - anywhere from a napkin sketch to a finished product needing assembly, product rework and packaging. They have helped bring numerous products to market, from medical devices, home and office goods, and more.

For more information or to obtain an interview with Dream to Product, call 847-565-8798 or visit www.dreamtoproduct.com.


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