Eurotech Group's Rugged Wearable Zypad Computer "Dresses" Italian Civil Defense Unit

December 17, 2007

AMARO, ITALY - December 17, 2007 - Eurotech Group today announced an agreement with the Civil Defense Unit of Friuli Venezia Giulia to supply Italian civil defense operators with a fully wearable and non-invasive computer system for computation and communications purposes in extreme conditions. Eurotech expects to roll-out this new Rugged Zypad wearable computer worldwide during the second half of 2008, targeting homeland security and military markets.

A fireproof uniform for the Italian Civil Defense Unit will integrate health monitoring sensors, a helmet fitted with day/night-vision video cameras and Eurotech's rugged wrist wearable PC. This technology will allow the civil corps to work "hands-free" and simultaneously communicate and exchange multimedia data with its command and control center.

The objective of this new project is to improve safety for squad members in the field and equip them with a sort of a "mini, personal command and control center" to receive all multimedia information (maps, videos, information, audio) in real time needed to complete their jobs and optimize coordination and management of missions.

The new uniform will be fitted with internal sensors that continuously monitor vital physiology of emergency workers, recording heart rate, body temperature, hydration levels, and overall health status.

Two independent video cameras will be located on the helmet - an infrared camera that detects heat sources and provides improved visibility in dark, smoky and foggy conditions, and a second, highly sensitive camera which is efficient even in poor light conditions - to visualize the images picked up and transmit them in real time to the command and control center through a dedicated radio channel.

All the devices and their functions will be coordinated through a Rugged Zypad worn on the wrist, on which images and data can be both seen and transmitted to the emergency dispatcher. An integrated GPS system will pinpoint the exact location of the wearer and generates a map of the area.

Soon joining the Zypad product line, the Rugged Zypad is distinguished by its ability to work under extreme conditions, including physical contact, shock, temperature changes, immersion in water, and operation in explosive environments.

"This helps us improve actions in the field and achieve exceptional safety for our teams," said Guglielmo Berlasso, Regional Director of the Civil Defense Unit and Scientific Director of the project. "Thanks to constant monitoring of physiological parameters, we can be aware of dangerous situations and the vital signs of our squad members. This is truly a showcase of technology at the service of mankind."

Wearable, intelligent technology that can exchange data in real time under extreme conditions is no longer a goal for the future; it's here in a project that opens new frontiers. The Eurotech Group expects to formally introduce this technology worldwide during the second half of 2008 into the homeland security and military sectors.


Eurotech (ETH.MI) is a company active in the research, development, production and marketing of miniaturized computers (NanoPCs) and of computers featuring high-performance computing capability (HPCs). Parvus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurotech.

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