European Launch of High Power Water Jet Cutting System

Reduced running costs and easier servicing are claimed for a new, high pressure water jet cutting system to be launched in Europe by KMT at MACH 2012. Manufactured in the USA, the Streamline PRO2 received its world premiere at the IMTS show in Chicago last September.

Replacing the PRO1 and identically priced, the new model has the same industry-leading specification based on a hydraulic intensifier pump rated at either 45 or 93 kW. Both variants generate 6,200 bar (90,000 psi) of water pressure at the cutting head inlet for efficient processing of virtually any material.

Maximum volumetric flow rates are 2.8 or 6.0 litres per minute respectively, both of which allow single- or multi-head cutting, with or without the addition of garnet sand abrasive. A 1.6-litre accumulator maintains output pressure from the pump to ensure smooth flow of water to the nozzle(s), leading to high quality of cut and promoting long operational life of machine parts.

Significant improvements have been made to the stainless steel topworks of the new system. One upgrade involved replacing the four pretensioned studs that secured the two ends of the PRO1 pump to oppose the high internal pressures. Instead, a patented, threaded cylinder around the outside of the PRO2 pump performs a similar function.

The advantage is that, when exchanging seals during a service, the cylinder can be removed and replaced using a standard torque wrench in 20 minutes, half the time previously required to pretension the former bolt and tie rod arrangement with a special hydraulic tool. The water jet machine is therefore out of production for a shorter time.

The metal seals and check valve seats have been redesigned to reduce their price, lowering the cost of spares and hence of machine operation. Additionally, due to improved durability of the seals and also to the longer reciprocating stroke of the intensifier, the seals need to be changed less frequently, contributing further to increased uptime.

Overall, by reducing the number of components and taking intensifier pump technology to the next level, KMT has endowed the PRO2 with longevity equivalent to that of lower pressure systems on the market. At the same time, the higher energy density allows cutting at up to double the speed of traditional 4,100 bar equipment, whilst also improving quality of cut and reducing consumption of electricity, water and abrasive.

KMT provides service and support to its customers from centres located in 30 countries, a level of after-sales back-up that the company believes sets it apart from other water jet system suppliers.

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