Ethernet Direct Announces Technology on Ethernet Over Power Products

Taipei, Taiwan, 24 September, 2010 - Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, is pleased to announce a new technology on Ethernet over power.

Not all devices that have the ability to communicate over Ethernet can be easily reached or connected to the network. From remote isolated locations or equipment spread over large areas, connecting devices to an Ethernet cable or wireless connection can sometimes be very challenging. Have you ever experienced an application in which installing Ethernet Cable was difficult or expensive? Have you found that Wireless applications can have random communication losses, dead spots, or bandwidth limitations? Do you find yourself configuring switches to emulate a daisy chain or bus topology and thus adding single points of failure to your network design?

Ethernet Direct announces a new technology that is several times faster than wireless and capable of simplifying your network connections and thus reducing cost by offering the Ethernet over Power products.


o Adding Ethernet communications to remote sites that are currently linked with telephone, coaxial or twisted pair wires.

o PLC applications which use a common power feed to power all I/O devices in a bus or daisy chain architecture.

o Monitoring or managing motor control and power distribution systems using a common 3 phase power bus.

o Improving communication speed of RTU or adding video security to remote sites

o Connecting Ethernet to installed devices that are distributed over large areas

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Ethernet Direct Corporation

Ethernet Direct brings a control system engineering perspective to networking technology. The principals of Ethernet Direct come from process-control and PLC system backgrounds.

The Global Ethernet Direct team covers operations from Product know-how, design implementation, quality assurance, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing & technical support. We are well-positioned to fulfill customers' needs and markets' demands by providing a great variety of tailor-made products and services. When you work with us, you will experience confidence and dependability. By choosing Ethernet Direct, you have chosen excellence & long-term commitment.

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