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Ensure the quality of your cable with ETS Ethernet Cable Clamps...

The ETS Ethernet Cable Clamp Testers (CC-101/102/109) allow for the injecting of a common mode current into CAT5e, CAT6A and CAT7 cables in order to test gigabit Ethernet for the common mode noise.

The CC-101 and CC-102 have (6) thumb-bolts allowing the release of the unit halves for cable insertion for testing purposes. The CC-109 has 4 spring latches for quick and easy test set ups.

The Ethernet Cable Clamps (CC-101/CC-102/CC-109) are used in the common-mode noise rejection test of the IEEE Standard, which is used to determine the sensitivity of the 1000BASE-T or 10GBASE-T receiver to common-noise from the link segment. This specification is provided to limit the sensitivity of the PMA receiver to common-mode noise from the cabling system. All units can test 1 - 10 Gigabits.

Designed by IEEE engineers, and built according to the 802.3 requirements, these unique Cable Clamp Ethernet Testers are made in the USA and only by ETS.

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