ERG Boasts High Performance Open Cell Foam Material at CAMX 2022

Sparks, NV – ERG Materials and Aerospace is looking forward to the CAMX material show at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.  The show runs October 17th- 20th.  Company representatives will show Duocel, the company’s foam product; along with high performance aerospace products based on the foam.

Duocel® foam samples as well as finished products will be on display in booth Z2 to demonstrate the abilities of this exciting material. This is a great opportunity for manufacturers and researchers to experience firsthand how open cell foam can provide a range of lightweight, high performance uses.

Duocel® foam features high surface area to volume ratios, making it exceptional for applications requiring high performance in small design envelopes. Duocel® also has a high strength to weight ratio, resulting in a lightweight structure with superior impact protection. This patented material offers solutions not available with traditional technologies.

Duocel® foam is available in a variety of raw materials including aluminum, copper, steel, carbon, and ceramics such as silicon carbide.

ERG has a team of experienced engineers to design custom foam-based products. Knowledgeable engineers can help optimize the proper foam specification and other project decisions customers may not be experienced with, ultimately reducing design and development time. Two production facilities in the United States offer the capability to deliver finished products directly to the customer, in both high and low volumes. 

If you can’t make it to the show, you can view a variety of ERG’s foam applications, along with engineering and production capabilities anytime on their website:


About ERG:

ERG has been in business since 1967 and is the sole manufacturer of Duocel® foam, a strong, light weight, rigid foam material with solid ligaments and a variety of uses.  Duocel® foam is found in a variety of products including air/oil separators, heat sinks, energy absorbers, flame arrestors, electrodes and more.  The company has components on the space shuttle, the international space station, and commercial aircraft around the world.  ERG specializes in solutions of all sizes and has the capacity to manufacture custom components in house.  The company holds several patents for their open-cell foam products.


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