Equifax and IBM Now Allow Government Agencies to Move Sensitive Processes & Information Online with Strong Authentication

ATLANTA, - Equifax (NYSE: EFX) announces the full integration between IBM Tivoli identity and access management solutions and its Anakam Identity Services. Equifax's Anakam Identity Services help government agencies implement strong authentication through the ability to configure authentication policy based on level of risk, individual project use cases, and compliance requirements.

Government agencies and enterprises searching for cost reduction by shifting manual processes online need to minimize the inherent risk of conducting personal and sensitive transactions online - including the risks of unauthorized access, ID theft, and online fraud. Equifax's Anakam Identity Service features a tokenless two-factor authentication, which is a proven, cost-effective security mechanism to enable the movement of sensitive transactions and data to the Web.

Based on the existing cooperation under the IBM Health Integration Framework (HIF), Equifax's Anakam Identity Services offers a series of solutions specifically designed for the federal healthcare, national security, benefits, taxation, and law enforcement communities where federally compliant strong authentication and discrete access controls to Web-based systems are highly valued.

Organizations using IBM TIVOLI will now have direct access to Equifax's Anakam Identity Services and fraud risk management, as well as reputation assessment applications from Equifax. These tools facilitate management of the evolving risk inherent in large external user communities, while integrating with the business workflows of user provisioning and change management.

"Our Identity Services technology is designed to provide rapid integration to fit the unique needs of federal agencies and large commercial enterprises with challenges delivering new Web-enabled solutions to citizens, patients, beneficiaries, and consumers," said Brent Williams, CTO of Equifax's Anakam Identity Services. "Integration with IBM allows closer alignment to meet customer requirements with a complete end-to-end external Web access management strategy."

The integration between Equifax and IBM Tivoli with Equifax's Anakam Identity Services offers patented, real-time identity verification and authentication tools using unique and comprehensive statistical fraud models and adaptive quiz capabilities. IBM Tivoli Access Manager interfaces with Anakam. TFA® Two-Factor Authentication to allow highly-scalable implementations of NIST Level 3 compliant authentication as well as progressive risk-based authentication. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager interfaces with Anakam. IDP® Identity Proofing for automated, real-time provisioning of external users, enabling strong authentication.

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