EPM Live Releases Latest SCRUM Solution

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 9 /- EPM Live, the leading Enterprise SharePoint Project and Work Management solution, announced today that it has released a SharePoint SCRUM Solution. EPM Live has developed a pre-built Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project SCRUM template that you can use within your EPM Live SharePoint environment. EPM Live's first Agile template, takes on a SCRUM framework. By combining EPM Live with Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007, we have created an easy to use Agile solution using familiar Microsoft tools and processes.

Here is how it works:

1. End users, Team Members, and all other resources, enter Features, Defects, User Stories, etc. into the Backlog through SharePoint and EPM Live.

2. All Backlog items are then brought into Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 for prioritization and estimation.

3. Once Iteration Planning is complete, the information is then published back out to EPM Live where Team Members can update "To Do" hours and all other resources can view the status of submitted Backlog items. (We can also integrate with TFS 2008)

4. During SCRUM meetings, Burn Down charts and easy to use editable grids in EPM Live, help the team quickly and easily view and report daily status.

EPM Live Creates Custom Views in Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007:

1. Iterations

2. Iteration Planning

3. Iteration Update

4. Release Backlog

Product Portfolio Management Report

-- Visualize Product Requests and Idea Management

-- Gain Portfolio Visibility to all Product Development

-- Enhance Prioritization & Optimization

Product Planning

-- Capture and prioritize requirements backlogs - capture requests from customers, sales, or other external stakeholders

-- Keep teams focused on the highest value features - leverage a simple web interface that guides team members in defect submission, updating, and reporting

-- Dashboards and KPIs for effective project and work management - aim to deliver highest business value, user stories first

Release and Iteration Planning

-- Centrally manage and prioritize requirement backlogs

-- Decompose and schedule requirements into releases and iterations

-- Convert high-level features into tasks


Effectively communicate and share task information:

-- Update Task Status on All Work assigned to you

-- Create new work items from a single view

-- Integrate with TFS

-- Sign up for task status alert emails

-- Outlook integration


Improve visibility and insight to enhance decision-making:

-- Pre-configured reporting Web Parts and Program Dashboards

-- Personalize key metrics that you want to track on a single page

-- Pre-built Reports for Burndown, Release Progress, etc.

Project Managers simply update their .mpp files using EPM Live's custom views built within Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007. The data is then published to an EPM Live SharePoint workspace for team members to view and update Backlog items.

Custom Reports in EPM Live:

1. Burn Down Reporting

2. Burn Up Reporting

3. KPIs and Dashboards

EPM Live brings the SCRUM methodology into "sync" with SharePoint. More importantly, EPM Live gives you the ability to adopt multiple methodologies within the same environment. You may have an environment where some departments are using a traditional Waterfall methodology, another using RAD (Rapid Application Development), and others using an Agile derivative. How do all departments continue to use the methodology that makes the most sense for their business process, while the company uses the same tool? EPM Live is the answer.

For more information about our SCRUM solution, go to http://www.epmlive.com/.

About EPM Live

EPM Live empowers organizations to manage their work, how they work. By allowing groups to work in multiple environments at the same time, EPM Live provides complete flexibility by integrating different processes, requirements, and methodologies. EPM Live gives executive level visibility across these sites through enterprise level dashboards, extending the reach of Project Management to provide a complete solution for your entire organization.

EPM Live is an easy to use and affordable software and services solution that helps organizations manage work more efficiently. EPM Live is an easy solution to implement. We offer pre-built "best practice" templates to get you started today. EPM Live is lower in risk than other software implementations because we give you the power to choose how you will deploy EPM Live; online or onsite. EPM Live is also 100% built on Microsoft SharePoint-Based Software, which is proven to facilitate ease of use and implementation in any environment.

EPM Live (http://www.epmlive.com/) is a leading provider of project and work management solutions built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. EPM Live's mission is to provide cost-effective, collaborative tools that help teams work together effectively, increase their efficiency, achieve higher levels of ROI, and drive success. EPM Live is privately owned and headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

For additional information: Please contact Kourtney Kennedy at 866-391-3700 x419 or kkennedy@epmlive.com

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