Environmentally Friendly Recycled/Recyclable Paper Caps and Plugs

Alliance plastics is please to offer an alternative to its complete line of plastic and rubber production products, with the addition of paper caps and plugs. The line includes 18 sizes of paper caps that can cover diameters from 0.350" to 3.630". The line of tapered plugs has 21 sizes that can be used to plug any hole ranging from 0.35" to 3.60". If your application is for a standard NPT (National Pipe Thread), we have caps and plugs designed for a perfect fit on the 1/8" to 3" sizes.

For high temperature finishing processes, like wet paint or powder coating -- paper is a very economical one-time use masking solution that can handle temperatures of 400ºF/205º. Based on its natural properties, paper does not promote condensation when it is being used as a cap or a plug.

To view the complete product line; request a free print catalog or samples to test, please visit us at www.allianceplastics.com/masking-products or call us at 1-800-832-8677

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