EnviroGuard(TM): Cray Valley's New Bio-Sourced Range

The range of EnviroGuardTM bio-sourced resins is targeted at almost all composite industry processes, and was launched by Cray Valley for supply to the European Market during the JEC Show in Paris, last week.

The environmental aspect is becoming more of an important issue for consumers. A recent study of a sample of US architects confirms the need of plant-based resins. Indeed, their clients support the use of environmentally-friendly products, to reduce their energy consumption, improve their image, or because it is just a good thing to do. EnviroGuardTM resins can be used to produce parts for a very broad range of sectors : building, transport, leisure and industry, especially the sectors of marine, sanitary, automotive or railway. Their production requires less use of fossil resources, and consequently improves their carbon footprint. Although it is difficult to quantify due to the lack of data given by the producers of raw materials, the use of EnviroGuardTM resins should lead to a carbon footprint 10% to 30% less than that of traditional resins. Cray Valley is currently working on the validation of this data, to improve our knowledge on resins CO2 emissions.

This environmental advantage is an opportunity for Cray Valley customers who are willing to differentiate themselves, especially in the building sector with the rise of eco-design programs, such as LEED in the United States, Passiv'Haus in Germany and HQE in France.
Part of Total's Chemicals branch, the group formed by CRAY VALLEY, COOK COMPOSITES & POLYMERS and SARTOMER is the leading resins manufacturer in the world, with sales of 1.9 billion euros in 2010 and 3600 employees worldwide.

Contact: Charlotte Leprince, e-mail : composite.resins@crayvalley.com

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