Entreprenuer, Jim Lager Acquires PIRTEK Love Field, Dallas, Texas

Love Field, TX - Often referred to as a natural entrepreneur by friends and family, the Snap-On Tools multi-unit franchise owner, Jim Lager strikes again in Texas!

On October 15, Lager took over PIRTEK's corporate-owned location as franchise owner, in Love Field which only opened three months ago.

"I was searching for a business-to-business opportunity in Texas and was struck
by the similarities in set-up, sales and mobile service vans between PIRTEK and Snap-On. I was impressed by the individual franchise support it offers franchise owners and I am thrilled to purchase this PIRTEK center," explains Lager.

Self-employed since he completed his military service in the Army, Lager
returned from Germany to the United States to earn his Master's in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota through the G.I. Bill. Lager always knew he wanted to own his own business and work in a hands-on environment, so he joined the Snap-On Tools corporation. Lager quickly realized he could rise up the ladder from sales manager to owner, so he did and is now a multiple owner of 4 franchises, all located in Plano, Texas!

"The fact that PIRTEK had been successful in Plano made the purchase of PIRTEK Love Field even more attractive for me. I knew it was a solid choice knowing it will continue to serve a growing market in the Dallas area and offer customers an accessible location with 4 mobile vans to service its surrounding manufacturing, industrial and construction industries," states Lager.

The 4,800 square foot center is conveniently located in a new strip center at 3131 Irving Boulevard, Suite 600 and is surrounded by industrial and manufacturing customers. It is also just minutes from downtown.

Rockledge, Florida-based PIRTEK is the world's leading service provider of ETA 1 Hour On-Site Hose Replacement. PIRTEK offers a 24 hour, 7 day service that serves almost every facet of industry including construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and engineering among others. When an equipment breakdown occurs, it often results in costly delays in time and labor before the proper replacement hose is located and installed but PIRTEK vans carry the component parts necessary to manufacture hose assemblies on site. Hose and fittings can also be purchased over-the-counter at PIRTEK's national network of service centers that serve as home bases to its mobile fleet. There are nearly 40 PIRTEK service centers nationwide and over 170 PIRTEK mobile service vans serving major metropolitan markets throughout the country.

For additional information, please visit us at www.pirtekusa.com.

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