Emerson and Flow-Cal Introduce First Software for Simple Introduction of Coriolis-Specific Data into Natural Gas Accounting Software

Micro Motion® Coriolis-specific data integrated into Flow-Cal software opens up reliability improvements and cost reductions

BOULDER, COLO (March 18, 2009) -- Emerson Process Management, in collaboration with Flow-Cal, Inc., announces Coriolis-specific data integration software to enable direct interface of API Ch. 21.1-compliant Micro Motion® Coriolis data with Flow-Cal accounting software for natural gas production and transmission data management.

The development of Flow-Cal's Common File Exchange (CFX file) is the first of its kind to offer a simple path to introduce Coriolis meters into existing infrastructure, opening up the possibility for extensive measurement reliability improvements and cost reductions to natural gas applications.

Emerson FloBoss107 flow manager, ROC800 remote operations controllers, and Microsoft® Windows®-based ROCLINK software deliver electronic flow meter data from Micro Motion Coriolis meters in the .CFX file format developed by Flow-Cal specifically for Coriolis natural gas flow measurement and AGA 11 and API Ch. 21.1 compliance.

ROC and FloBoss products have a well established and large installed base in natural gas metering. The combination of the industry acceptance, reliability and ease of use of the ROC and FloBoss products with the benefits of Micro Motion Coriolis meters delivers one of the lowest field maintenance metering solutions for the natural gas industry.

Since the release of AGA Report Number 11, officially recognizing Coriolis meters for natural gas flow measurement, Coriolis meters are rapidly gaining in popularity in natural gas production and transmission because of their ability to provide a consistently accurate measurement unwavered by changes in flow conditions, with easier installation and long term stability and reliability. With Coriolis meters, standard volume gas measurement is achieved without the need for any temperature or pressure measurement, so a single device replaces many instruments and components for simple installation and maintenance.

The immunity of the Coriolis measurement to flow profile variations eliminates the need for long straight runs and flow conditioners. Coriolis meters are also immune to the damage that can harm or effect the accuracy of other technologies when surging, pulsating, or abnormal peak flow rates, foreign materials, or just normal wear and tear occur. The fact that Coriolis meters operate with no moving parts is the reason they are highly valued for their long term stability and low or no maintenance.

The Flow-Cal accounting software receives the CFX file from the Emerson measurement and ROCLINK software, completing the chain of data management to the back office. Additional options for polling the data are presently under development by SCADA system suppliers who are anxious to support this advanced technology.

Working together, Emerson Process Management and Flow-Cal are making it easier for energy producers and providers to profit from the unique benefits of Coriolis flow measurement, the proven value of ROC and FloBoss products, and the power and simplicity of the Flow-Cal software products. The timing of these developments is crucial to a natural gas industry that needs new and dramatic improvements in measurement reliability and reductions in maintenance and capital costs to sustain dramatic growth.

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Flow-Cal, Inc., a Houston-based software developer, is the industry-leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids. Flow-Cal's software is used throughout the industry to validate, recalculate, store and report measurement data from field devices, and link that information to users and stakeholders throughout an organization. Flow-Cal's full line of measurement software applications range from simple, inexpensive data management and reporting programs (designed for smaller companies) to enterprise-wide applications that are utilized by Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit www.flowcal.com

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