Ellsworth Adhesives Now Offers Henkel MACROMELT Encapsulants and Contract Overmolding Services

GERMANTOWN, WI - Ellsworth Adhesives has initiated a comprehensive product and service support program for customers requiring high-speed electronic encapsulation, including Henkel MACROMELT low pressure molding encapsulants, Cavist Moldman(TM) molding equipment and contract overmolding services.

Ellsworth Adhesives, a leading supplier of Henkel's advanced electronic materials products, now offers the full line of Henkel MACROMELT encapsulants. These thermoplastic materials provide superior protection for electronic assemblies and an effective, streamlined alternative to traditional potting techniques. Very fast cycle times are achieved utilizing low pressure injection molding systems from Cavist.

Ellsworth Adhesives has included information and video content on its website describing the technology: www.ellsworth.com/henkel-loctite/macromelt/.
Ellsworth Adhesives has also partnered with Cavist, manufacturer of the Moldman(TM) series of low pressure injection molding equipment used in combination with MACROMELT encapsulants. Ellsworth's Engineering Sales Representatives can now offer customers both the materials and production equipment necessary to meet their specific requirements.

For those customers preferring to outsource their electronic encapsulation operations, Ellsworth Adhesives also offers contract services utilizing Cavist Moldman(TM) equipment. Engineering Sales Representatives can work with customers on tool development, prototype runs, and full contract production services. A brief description of the service is provided on the Ellsworth website: www.ellsworth.com/Services/Electronic-Overmolding-Services/.

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