Elge Precision Machining is Pleased to Announce its New Website

Elge Precision Machining, Inc., located in Reading, Pa, has redesigned their website www.elgeprecision.com. Our intention is give our customers more information on our capabilities in Screw Machining and CNC Machining and  CNC Turning.

We have both single-spindle Brown and Sharpe and multi-spindle Davenport screw machines.  Screw machining is most cost effective at production volumes approaching 300 for single-spindle equipment and 2,500 for multi-spindle machines. Screw machines produce parts with very fast cycle times, making it very efficient for high volume production.

Machining capabilities include drilling, tapping, broaching, knurling, and threading rolling. we can provide close tolerance CNC machining of round, hex or square bar stock. With multiple CNC lathes and screw machines, we are capable of providing cost effective machining at a range of production volumes. For prototypes, specialty projects, or low volume work, CNC lathes can be used to produce custom products without the need for dedicated tooling. Once production volumes increase, screw machines can be used to run high volume components with maximum efficiency.

About Us:

For more than 65 years, ELGE has provided high quality precision screw machined products for all types of original equipment manufacturers worldwide.  Our products include fasteners, rivets, pins, dowels, couplings, gaskets, electronic connectors, closures, washers, lighting components, hardware, door parts, knurled pins, screws, jam nuts, fittings, collars, hex nuts, bushings knob screws.  For more information, Please call 1-800-249-5471 or visit our website www.elgeprecision.com.

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