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Haward has an innovative electropolishing service that they provide. Haward Corporation is the oldest and most experienced electropolishing specialist, and by far the largest electropolisher in the east. We have been servicing the Aircraft, Medical, Food Service and Pharmaceutical industries since 1947.

Electropolishing is the reverse of plating in that metal is removed from the surface rather than deposited. Electropolishing is primarily used to obtain a bright, clean, appealing surface.

Electropolishing also removes burrs and sharp edges; eliminates Hydrogen Embrittlement and removes stress from springs and stampings by removing microscopic nicks and scratches from the surface.

Because high points on the surface are removed first, a lower micro inch surface is achieved. Thus the surface is smoother, has good anti-stick properties and is easier to clean. This is required in the food, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries. Electropolishing also passivates the surface as mentioned in the ASTM A-967 specification; it is used as an inspection tool to detect surface cracks or imperfections in castings and forgings. It is used for sizing to bring overweight or oversized parts into specifications and tolerances can be held to .0001".

Electropolishing can smooth threads to prevent galling and seizing. Electropolishing will also remove heat discoloration from spot welds. At Haward Corporation we have the capabilities to electropolish the ID of tubing and pipe, fittings and a variety of fabrications. We have electropolished vessels 16' diameter and 56' long.

Two important advantages of electropolishing are the speed and uniformity of the process, readily translated into important savings, particularly when treating complicated shapes.

Haward Corporation has more than a half dozen working tanks holding over 9000 gallons of solution. They have the capability of fabricating custom tanks, for most of those special jobs, as large as 30 feet long. In 1980, they started sending a team on location to electropolish large reactor vessels and tanks that are too large to process in our shop.

If you would like to evaluate their electropolishing capabilities, they will be happy to process samples of a reasonable size and quantity at no charge. 800-342-9041 http://www.haward.com/index.html

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