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Electronic Pressure Regulator for Oxygen Service

Proportion-Air announces that the popular QB3B series of electronic pressure regulators is now available for oxygen service. In addition to an oxygen cleaning process, the QB3B incorporates oxygen compatible metals and uses elastomers optimized for oxygen service. The QB3B is much safer to use in oxygen control than previous or competitive electronic pressure regulators. Successful applications include medical, dental, plasma metal cutting, and laser cutting assist gas applications.

o Electronically control pressure ranges from vacuum to 150 psig
o Nickel plated brass body for enriched gaseous oxygen systems
o High forward and reverse flow up to 20 SCFM each direction
o Oxygen cleaned for enriched oxygen service
o Vacuum only and absolute pressure ranges available
o Closed loop around internal on board pressure sensor
o Very rugged electronic pressure regulator design with long life
o Available with integral LED digital display panel meter

The QB3B is a complete electronic pressure regulator package consisting of two feed and bleed solenoid valves, a control circuit, a pressure transducer, an integral air pilot operated volume booster, and a rugged IP65 housing. The pressure transducer is connected directly to the controlled output pressure so the closed loop electronics and analog monitor signal show you what is really happening in your process. Used for laser cutting assist gas control, flame torch gas mixture controls, quality checks of oxygen clean equipment.

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