Electrical Bearing Protection Best Practices: A Webinar Worth One Professional Development Hour/CPC Credit

The next AEGIS training session on protecting motor bearings from electrical damage will be on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 11:00 am Eastern (15:00 GMT). This training is worth one PDH. You can sign up here.

If this session doesn't work for you, you can see what else we currently have scheduled at est-aegis.com/training.

For licensed engineers: Electro Static Technology is a listed provider to the NCEES' CPC Registry. So if you use MyNCEES to track your continuing education credits, you may be able to log this webinar there. (Different states have different requirements for PDH/CPC.)

This training includes:

  • The damage: Bearing frosting, fluting, & failure
  • The cause: VFD output, parasitic voltage on the shaft, & bearing discharge
  • The solution: Shaft Grounding Best Practices for bearing protection
  • How to specify: White papers, sample specification language, and more

Attendees will learn when shaft grounding and insulated bearings are needed in inverter-fed motor applications, as well as how to test for the shaft voltage that shaft grounding rings dissipate. Attendance is worth one professional development hour (PDH) or NCEES Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) credit. All attendees will be emailed certificates of completion.

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