Elbit Systems of America to Showcase at AUSA High Mobility Lethality Solutions for Winning in a Complex World


As the United States Army faces the new challenges of an increasingly capable enemy, Elbit Systems of America and its parent company Elbit Systems Ltd. are investing heavily in research and development to give the soldier the decided advantage in this new and complex environment. Providing integrated and networked solutions that leverage technical and operational expertise, the company will showcase its solutions at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) in Washington, D.C., October 12-14.

A world leader in improving lethality and survivability, Elbit Systems of America is highlighting its Lightweight Remote Weapon Station (RWS-L) during the show. This RWS-L provides precise performance in a small package for harsh battlefield conditions. Elbit Systems of America's larger caliber Remote Weapon Station (RWS-H) is providing increased lethality and accurate firing for high-mobility combat vehicles. Both weapon stations feature a low silhouette and are fully remote to enhance crew protection and survivability. The RWS-H configuration includes the addition of a coaxial machine gun, anti-tank guided missiles, smoke grenade launchers, an independent commander's weapon sight, laser warning system, and ballistic armor protection with minimal equipment inside the vehicle.

For precise targeting, the warfighter counts on solutions that leverage advances in laser and optical technologies, such as the Enhanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Laser Target Designator (EJTAC LTD) on display at AUSA. The light-weight laser designator/rangefinder, at less than five pounds, is a foot mobile solution for guidance of munitions and a laser hand-off to aircraft. Featuring a digital magnetic compass and near infrared laser pointer, the EJTAC LTD is effective during both day and night missions. 

While weapons protect the warfighter, intelligence gathering is just as important for lethality and survivability. Soldiers using the Common Intelligent Display II have a size, weight and power solution for improving situational awareness without compromising performance. The high resolution display is a unique tool to improve operational performance while being fully customizable to the soldiers' critical missions.

Elbit Systems of America understands that accurate situational awareness allows for quick coordination and effective responses to rapidly changing operational scenarios in the new, complex world. Achieving this level of awareness requires advanced technologies involving the latest hardware and software for both Army Infantry and Aviators.

To learn more of the technical solutions provided by Elbit Systems of America visit them at booth # 1139 (Hall A) during AUSA or visit them online at http://www.elbitsystems-us.com 

        - 120mm Precision Guided Mortars - this 120mm laser guidance kit mounts on commonly

          used mortar shells with no additional modification or qualification while the

          reconfigured tail allows increases stability for precise targeting

        - 1:8 scale Stryker with 30mm Turret - is a lightweight remote weapon station features a

          Coax 7.62mm machine gun with an optional target tracker and laser range finder

        - Joint Terminal Attack Controller Laser Target Designator (E-JTAC LTD) - is one of the

          lightest weight laser targeting/hand-off solutions available for foot mobile

          warfighters with day and night capabilities

        - Common Laser Rangefinder Improved Capability (CLRF IC) - is an extremely 


          targeting device incorporate day and night imaging and high accuracy laser based range


        - Common Intelligent Display II - is a ruggedized smart display for multiple military

          platforms that fully integrates cutting edge computing with a high resolution display

          and wide viewing angles

        - Cockpit Demonstrator - using an intuitive 3D grid Symbology and helmet tracker system

          the demonstrator shows how the tracker systems provide critical helicopter/tilt-rotor

          cues during brownout operations

About Elbit Systems of America, LLC 

Elbit Systems of America is a leading provider of high performance products, system solutions, and support services focusing on the commercial aviation, defense, homeland security, cyber security, and medical instrumentation markets.  With facilities throughout the United States, Elbit Systems of America is dedicated to supporting those who contribute daily to the safety and security of the United States.  Elbit Systems of America, LLC is wholly owned by Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT), a global electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs for innovative defense and commercial applications. For additional information, visit: http://www.elbitsystems-us.com or follow us on Twitter [https://twitter.com/elbitsystemsus.

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