EDL-LN2 Temperature Recorder

The EDL-LN2 is a reliable and cost-effective digital temperature recorder for all industrial and commercial applications.

This precision logger uses high accuracy sensors and provides real time viewing of ambient and remote temperature while using the RTD probe. The display also shows the programming Duration and Run Time in days, hours and minutes.

Ideal for monitoring all of your cryogenic stem cells and biologics, this device's internal thermistor accurately records time and temperatures for user-selectable readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The internal software is user programmable and provides the following features: start time delay, sampling intervals, high and low alarm window values, recording status, and measurement data. All data loggers have the ability to program alarm limits. Should the temperature reach levels outside these limits, the onboard red LED will light until reset by the user. Operation is as easy as pressing the Start button on the recorder.

Easily download recorded information; simply plug the unit into a PC using a standard USB connector. The USB cable and PC software are available as accessory items.


Sherri B Thompson

Ad Manager


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