EcoNet VDSL2 Chipsets Successfully Passed the Test against NICC Requirements (ND1436) at the TRaC Broadband Test Laboratory

HSINCHU — Leading testing and compliance consultancy TRaC Global today announces that EcoNet (HK) Limited has successfully completed and passed the test against the NICC requirements for interoperability of EcoNet's second generation VDSL2 chipset MT7510/7511. NICC is a technical forum for the UK communications sector that develops interoperability standards for public communications networks and services in the UK. In the announcement, TRaC confirmed the test programme was completed and passed in only two weeks, thanks to the flexible 24/7 testing capabilities at TRaC's flagship DSL test facility in Hull, UK.

EcoNet's VDSL2 chipset successfully passed the interoperability tests as defined in NICC ND1436 requirements. "Today's VDSL2 is designed to enable operators and carriers to gradually, flexibly and cost-efficiently upgrade existing xDSL infrastructure for higher speed internet access," said Bomin Wang, CEO of EcoNet. "We are excited to introduce our second generation VDSL2 solution MT7510/MT7511 to the market with our abundant interoperability experiences in xDSL products, excellent performance on TR114/TR100, low power and cost-competitive designs. MT7510/MT7511 VDSL2 solution has been adopted by several leading broadband equipment vendors and we think it will be in a strong position to compete with current VDSL2 solutions available in the market and effectively help operators and carriers speed up their migration plans to VDSL2 networks."

EcoNet (HK) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaTek Inc.,is a leading developer of high performance broadband networking solutions,including ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2, GPON, EPON and Ethernet Switch chipset products. Its products are recognised for their superior cost-performance ratio and reliability, rich feature set, low power consumption, and high integration. EcoNet's ADSL market share is worldwide No.1 according to Broadband and Digital Home Market Tracker report – Q2 2013 from IHS (aka iSuppli).

Mark Heaven, CEO of TRaC, said, "TRaC's involvement and contributions to the NICC requirements allowed this groundbreaking service to be offered as soon as the ND1436 requirements were released. Our engineers did an excellent job in completing this test programme within tight timeframes. We achieved this with the efficiencies gained from using systems developed in-house and the wealth of experience our engineers have from many years of DSL interoperability testing." TRaC's extensive range of telecom testing and consultancy services is used by many of the world's largest telecoms manufacturers. Its DSL interoperability testing includes ADSL, ADSL2+, READSL2, VDSL2 and SHDSL technologies against Broadband Forum and operator requirements and covers all product areas from chipsets to complete products.

About TRaC

TRaC is a leading provider of testing, consultancy, certification and global approval services for the communications industry. It offers a comprehensive range of telecoms and radio compliance solutions for its worldwide customer base including testing and project management services for telecoms, DSL, safety, EMC, radio, approvals, NEBS, CE marking and environmental testing.

About EcoNet

EcoNet (HK) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaTek Inc, and was originally MediaTek's broadband business unit. EcoNet is a leading innovator and developer in the broadband access semi-conductor market. Its products include ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2, GPON, EPON and Ethernet Switch solutions. EcoNet, including Ralink and TrendChip, have cumulatively shipped more than 200M sets of ADSL/ADSL2+ chipsets worldwide where they have been used in telecom operators' networks in more than 62 countries. Its first generation VDSL2 solution RT65168 was announced in 2012 and has been deployed in several telecom operators' networks. EcoNet's second generation VDSL2 and new GPON/EPON solutions have been adopted by several leading broadband equipment vendors.

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