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Eastern Industrial Automation Improves Industrial Machinery with Better Seals, Fastening Devices, and Accessories

To the untrained eye, it's very hard to precisely pinpoint what products are being delivered and what services are being completed at one of Eastern Industrial Automation's facilities.

However, while the engineering services provided by the company are extremely varied and the products offered equally critical for a number of industries, representatives at Eastern Industrial Automation explain that the company has recently been focused on providing better and more effective seals, fastening devices, and other accessories for industrial machinery applications.

As representatives at Eastern Industrial Automation (E.I.A) explain, "seals and other fastening devices are often the unsung heroes of the industrial, manufacturing, and machining worlds." In a number of industries, fastening devices like collars, rotary seals, couplings and retaining rings are almost single-handedly responsible for ensuring that machines continue running smoothly and effectively.

As Joe Colarusso, Engineering Services Division Manager at E.I.A. explains "without proper sealing, manufacturing equipment and machine tools couldn't perform the way we need them to and they would fail much sooner. " As Colarusso explains, seals are essential for a number of industries because they prevent dirt, debris, and other ingress from reaching and contaminating various machine components. At the same time, many seals and other fastening solutions also ensure that lubrication lasts longer. In both cases, seals, O-rings, and other fastening devices allow machines to operate at high speeds, longer and more effectively.

According to E.I.A Principal, Geoff Filker, the company continues to improve its capability to provide the necessary seals and fastening solutions because, "Many industries rely on effective seals and fasteners. Because of that they need a reliable source - and that's what we aim to be for industries around the world."

When referring to helping industries around the world with a better source for sealing and fastening devices, he adds that the launch of the new website will also play a pivotal role.

"Combined with initiatives to continue improving our range of products and services, we are also very excited about our new website's potential to reach an even wider audience of customers around the world."

Launched in Janaury, 2012, Eastern Industrial Automation has announced the website as a global sales presence, hub of communication, and repository of industrial automation knowledge.

About Eastern Industrial Automation

Founded in 1963, Eastern Bearings Inc., initially delivered mechanical components to textile mills throughout New England. Today, Eastern Bearings, Inc., has been rebranded to Eastern Industrial Automation to better communicate the wide scope of industrial automation products and services the company provides. Having continually grown and expanded over the years, Eastern Industrial Automation has become a worldwide provider of industrial seals, fastening solutions, and more. For more information, visit or call 781-899-3952.

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