e-Image Data Announces Launch of ScanPro 3000, Pre-Orders Available

HARTFORD, Wis., -- e-Image Data Corporation announced today the launch of a new addition to the best-selling ScanPro product line. The company will accept pre-orders for the ScanPro 3000, the latest innovation in micrographics technology, beginning March 1(st). It features a 21 megapixel camera, the highest optical resolution on the market, which will provide customers with exceptional image quality never before seen in the micrographics industry. The print resolution is over 400dpi on a letter page and saved files will be both archival-quality and small in size.

"Microforms hold unique content not found elsewhere, from rare source materials to private documents," says James Westoby, president, e-Image Data. "In the past, using microfilm was time-consuming and difficult. We are blurring the line between the worlds of microfilm and digital technology with features like automatic scanning, live automatic image editing/restoration and powerful OCR features like WORD-Search and information linking. All of these advanced features will be available on the ScanPro 3000, plus unique new features."

The ScanPro 3000 will be available third quarter of 2012. Customers who order a ScanPro 2000 in the meantime will be upgraded to the ScanPro 3000 when it begins shipping at no additional cost.

"In addition to the unprecedented optical resolution the unit offers, the Productivity Suite will provide increased functionality with features that make the ScanPro line the most fun and easy to use equipment on the market," says Westoby.The advanced new features of the unit's Productivity Suite are available immediately and will work with all older ScanPro units.

The WORD-Search function allows users to search for key words within the microfilm image, a time-saving tool that librarians at the world's most prestigious institutions say is revolutionizing the way research is done. If more information on a word within the microfilm image is needed, a click of the INFO-Link button opens a reference source like Wikipedia, a dictionary or thesaurus to provide context. Users can also select information on the microfilm image and copy it to the clipboard as text for pasting into any document. And with a single click any microfilm image can be converted to a word searchable PDF, whether it is single page or multiple page.

The company will accept orders for the Productivity Suite immediately and pre-orders for the ScanPro 3000 beginning March 1(st) at www.e-imagedata.com or 800-251-2261.

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