DV-II+Pro Viscometer with Thermosel for Elevated Temperature Testing

Viscosity measurement of hot melts and liquids at elevated temperatures requires accurate temperature control that is consistent from sample to sample. The Brookfield Thermosel provides a stable test environment with precise temperature control. Given the traditional 1% accuracy of the Brookfield Viscometer, viscosity measurements made with the Thermosel System are not only accurate, but entirely reproducible.

Several factors contribute to the stable environment with non-fluctuating temperature control. The small sample volume and insulated sample chamber reduce temperature gradients within the sample. The rotating spindle acts as a built-in stirring device. The test procedure is quite straightforward and easily taught to the untrained operator. Once familiar with the system, users can easily produce accurate repeatable data.

Brookfield's DV-II+ Pro Viscometer with Thermosel System provides continuous viscosity sensing, temperature measurement and data display. This permits rapid temperature profiling of viscosity behavior as a function of both time and temperature. Applications include asphalt, candies, hot melts, polymers, and waxes.

The DV-II+Pro features include control of sample temperature up to 300ºC. The programmable controller that comes with Thermosel offers choice of single set point or multiple step program with up to 10 programmable set points. Automated temperature ramping between set points is possible if used with Brookfield's Rheocalc DV-IIIUltra Software.

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