DSTI Technology Helps Heart Catheter Makers Shorten Patient Recovery

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - October 13, 2017 - A fast-growing medical device producer recently sought out DSTI to engineer a custom fluid solution for their advanced laser-cutting equipment used in the manufacturing of modern cardiac catheter shafts.

Catheter shafts are a crucial component to cardiac catheterization and stent deliver systems used in diagnostic and therapeutic heart procedures.

Like all bodily organs, the heart needs a constant supply of blood supplied by the coronary arteries which can become narrowed by plaque buildup overtime.

To improve blood flow and circulation, doctors perform non-surgical procedures that use catheters to place a small structure called a stent in the narrowed artery.

Today, advanced laser-cut shafts increase a catheter's kink resistance, improving the deliverability and efficiency as doctors navigate through complex blood vessels.

The shorter procedure results in a reduction in the patient's exposure to radiation and risks associated with postoperative recovery.

As medical technologies and needs continue to emerge, DSTI aims at continuing to provide innovative products, allowing healthcare leaders to bring new solutions to market for improved patient care worldwide.

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