Dryer Master Offers Outstanding Service, Excellent Products in Moisture Control

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - Dryer Master, one of the world's leaders in moisture measurement and moisture control technology, has been in business for 29 years, and continues to provide excellent service and quality products to its many customers.
According to Dryer Master President Wolf Seltner, the key to continued success is making sure that younger farmers and landowners are aware of the importance of drying their crops.

"The biggest thing I see changing in our world the last couple of years is the amount of younger farmers who may not be aware of what our products can do for them," Seltner said. "We can really help control the process and make what they're doing even better."

One of the major issues dryer operators have to deal with is over drying and accidental under drying, something Dryer Master can assist with.

"In the past a farmer may adjust the temperature of what he's drying and then go away and do some other work for a few hours, and come back and find out that he over dried it," Seltner said. "The choice seems to be to over dry the product to avoid high moisture product leaving the dryer. High moisture product can present difficulties in storage and results in dockage or outright rejection when shipped to the receiver. Over drying changes the weight of what the producer wants to sell, but is preferred to problems in storage and rejection at the receiver. Dryer Master products help control that process by minimizing the amount of over dried and under dried product."

Some of Dryer Master's products include:

· The DM510 Dryer Master,® which is ideal for drying grains like corn, soya beans and wheat.

· On-line Moisture Sensors, which provide accurate and reliable continuous on-line moisture measurement, and provide the flexibility to meet your most demanding applications.

· The Dryer Master® GM2 Grain Moisture Monitor, which is specifically designed for online moisture monitoring of grains, and the Dryer Master® M2, also part of a line of cost-effective online moisture monitoring solutions.

· The Dryer Master® AM3, an Automatic mini-moisture manager that's a control system using state logic.

Moisture control is achieved through user changeable high, low and target moisture trigger points with corresponding user setable discharge rate, and response time settings. The system will interface with most modern variable frequency drives directly, and can also provide printed records of operation as well as store data to a removable memory module for retrieval to a computer. This product is ideal for measuring product moisture at the exit of a grain dryer.

Dryer Master continues to expand its business, pushing into China with the help of its partners; China is one market that Dryer Master expects to grow even more in the future. For more information about Dryer Master's service and products, go their website at www.dryermaster.com, and follow them on Twitter at @dryermaster.

About Us:

Dryer Moisture Systems Inc. was formed with the purchase of the assets of Dantec Corporation.

The Dryer Master® moisture measurement and moisture control technology was introduced to the North American grain industry in 1983 by what was then Dantec Electronics Limited.

In 1989 Dantec Electronics Limited expanded its moisture measurement and control technology into manufactured food and feeds.

1990 saw a venture capital group invest in the technology and Dantec Systems Corporation was formed to advance the Dryer Master non linear model based control technology into other processes. The very successful Dantec Electronics Limited continued to market and expand its Dryer Master® technology in grain industry into other parts of the world. Dantec Systems Corporation continued its path in industrial moisture control and industrial automation in the processing industry working in pet food, feed and human food production.

The year 1998 saw Dantec Systems Corporation acquire Dantec Electronics Limited. The companies merged under Dantec Corporation. In the following years Dantec Corporation proceeded to sell off its affiliated businesses to focus on being just an engineering company.

The summer of 2006 Dryer Moisture Systems Inc. acquired the Dryer Master® portion of the business to continue what has been a long business tradition of providing an exemplary moisture measurement and moisture control solution.

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