Dryco Announces ArcticDRY Mechanical Dehumidifiers That Cool and Dry

DOWNERS GROVE, IL − DRYCO has announced that they have acquired additional ArcticDRY mechanical dehumidifiers in preparation for the warm summer months ahead. These units deliver cold air, remove moisture and are available in three different sizes and ratings: SCA 60 ton unit, 8,800-15,000 cfm; SCA 30 ton unit, 5,000-7,500 cfm; and SCA 15 ton unit, 2,500 cfm.

"We've designed the ArcticDRY to provide cool, dry air, for example, in a warm and wet climate or working area to help provide a safer environment," said Joe Schroeder, President of DRYCO. "The dehumidifier delivers cold air like an air conditioner and removes moisture beyond what any standard DX provides."

In many instances, DRYCO, according to Schroeder, is called on to provide extra cooling and/or dehumidification to a job site that may already have a large A/C system but a temporary rental will save costs compared to upgrading a permanent system. Units are available for purchase or rental at weekly/monthly rates as a cost-effective solution to capital equipment expenditures.

DRYCO services include temporary or permanent dehumidification, portable heating and air-conditioning, generators and temporary power distribution, air handling equipment and thermal imaging and moisture analysis. DRYCO has offices and a fleet of vehicles throughout North America and regularly mobilizes equipment and personnel globally. DRYCO provides equipment solutions for every environmental condition.

For more information on DRYCO's ArcticDRY, contact DRYCO, 5400 Janes Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Toll free: 866-379-2600 or visit www.drycogroup.com

MEDIA CONTACT: Brandon Willis, DRYCO, 630-541-7000, Email: brandonw@drycogroup.com

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