Dow Corning Introduces New Silicone-Based Emulsion


Dow Corning recently introduced Dow Corning® IE-2404 Emulsion, a new chemistry that improves performance in silicone resin emulsion paints when used as a co-binder. Formulators of paint and facade renders will achieve significant benefits using this emulsion, including lower water absorption, increased permeability to water vapor, improved weatherability, and reduced dirt pickup.

Water, sun, and industrial pollutants cause paints and facade renders to prematurely age - detracting from the general aesthetics of the product and increasing maintenance costs. Dow Corning IE-2404 Emulsion provides core benefits, such as UV stability, repaintability, uniform appearance, and damage resistance.

"Coatings made with silicone resin emulsions combine the best of both worlds when it comes to weatherability and water protection," said Terry Chapman, technical service representative for Dow Corning's building materials protection group. "These materials simultaneously create a hydrophobic environment by binding directly with inorganic materials in the paint, and still allow water vapor and carbon dioxide that would normally be trapped under the coating to permeate. This is especially important in water-sensitive substrates, such as masonry, plaster, and exterior insulation facade systems (EIFS), where unwanted moisture can damage the material or result in microbial growth."

IE-2404 Emulsion also can be used to develop coating systems that require less maintenance, last longer, and protect porous substrates better than traditional coatings. The product disperses readily in water and contains no solvents.

"Market demand in the architectural paints and coatings is extremely volatile and dynamic," said Shawn Kuch, North American marketer for Dow Corning's building materials protection group. "By leveraging the full strength of our global networks, we will give paint formulators a more stable and reliable source of high-quality silicone resin emulsions, helping them better serve their customers and the industry."

For more information about Dow Corning IE-2404 Emulsion, visit or learn more about Dow Corning's complete line of construction industry products at For more than 60 years, architects, building consultants, contractors, and construction material providers around the world have turned to Dow Corning for its expertise and its silicon-based, performance-enhancing materials and additives for glazing, sealing, and weatherproofing new and existing construction projects.

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