Dow Corning Creates Silicone Industry's Largest Online Portal

Company significantly expands XIAMETER® brand to help customers through economic recession and beyond

Midland, Mich. (U.S.A.): Dow Corning will create the world's largest online portal for the purchase of silicone-based products to help customers deal with challenging economic markets. The company's XIAMETER® web-enabled business will more than double the number of products and give customers increased options in how they purchase essential raw materials.

All standard silicone products manufactured by Dow Corning will now be available under the XIAMETER brand. In addition, for the first time, customers will also be able to buy XIAMETER branded products through distributors, providing them with additional ordering options and local convenience. The XIAMETER brand is Dow Corning's web-enabled business for selling standard silicone products at market-driven prices.

"As the global marketplace experiences significant changes, the needs of our customers are also changing markedly," said Dow Corning Chairman, President and CEO Stephanie A. Burns. "Now, more than ever, our customers say they want suppliers that can help them improve efficiency. We are listening to them, and taking action by using our highly successful web-enabled brand and business to make our materials more easily accessible and offer customers greater efficiencies and convenience."

"The Dow Corning® and XIAMETER brands are positioned to meet customer needs, no matter what they're looking for," said Burns. "We have always been known for innovation that transforms our industry and our customers' businesses. In this challenging economic environment we have the global strength, resources and expertise to respond to changing customer needs with creativity and speed."

She added: "This is part of a further transformation of Dow Corning's business that will see us focus even more on innovation to create competitive advantage for our customers and economic, environmental and social benefit in many parts of the world."

Introduced in 2002 as the first of its kind in the silicone marketplace and unrivaled to date, the XIAMETER® business model allows customers to purchase high quality, standard silicones ranging from rubber bases and compounds to dimethyl fluids and emulsions, to sealants and silanes. These materials are widely used as performance enhancers by multiple industries, including personal care, construction and automotive where they provide qualities such as durability, stability, adhesion and weather resistance. Efficiency benefits include lower cost in use and ability to purchase in smaller volumes.

The expanded business will markedly increase the options for customers who do not want to pay for services they don't need:

o Some 2,100 products now available

o A new order entry platform with enhanced self-service functionality

o Volume quantity options

o Ability to buy from distributors

"The XIAMETER business was a breakthrough for the chemical industry when we launched it seven years ago." said XIAMETER® Global Executive Director Shelley Bausch. "Now we are taking it to the next level by making the benefits available to a greater number of customers. It will help companies who want price and supply stability and are looking to manage costs through efficiencies in purchasing."

Using an online business model makes efficient use of a customer's time, allowing them to place an order when and where it's convenient for them, with immediate confirmation of price, quantity, and ship date.

"We believe the changes we are making are additionally important for companies in emerging geographies whether they are indigenous to the country or looking to expand into those regions," Bausch added.

The expanded online capabilities are part of a process begun in 2002 when Dow Corning introduced a two-brand strategy - focusing the Dow Corning brand on full service and solutions offerings for customers who want innovation, customization and expertise in addition to a portfolio of high quality products. The XIAMETER brand was developed with a focus on customers whose purchasing decisions were driven by the needs for efficiency and high quality products without additional services.

"The global drive to find greater efficiencies in business through a web-enabled business model helps maximize productivity and reduces human error, while keeping costs competitive for our customers," said Bausch. "While it's important for companies to seek out efficiencies given the current state of the global economy, the enhanced XIAMETER® business model will equally benefit them when the recovery comes."

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The XIAMETER®, brand of Dow Corning Corporation, offers market-driven prices for standard silicone products. Introduced in 2002, the business offers more than 2,100 products including silicone fluids, sealants, silanes, emulsions and rubber. The XIAMETER business is a no-frills model offering cost effective products through streamlined services and a web-enabled order platform. It's designed for customers who know what they need and do not require additional services or technical support. Learn more at

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