DoALL Sawing Products Introduces New StructurALL Family of Band Saws

(Wheeling, Ill.) -DoALL Sawing Products, a division of DoALL Company, introduced the new StructurALL series of band saw machines during Fabtech 2009 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. This new family of machines is ideally suited for cutting all types of structural materials.

All machines in the StructurALL family incorporate swiveling scissor-head designs for ease of miter cutting. Some of the standard features throughout the family include:

o Rounded band doors, covers and panels, for a sleek modern look
o Larger pentagonal base for better chip and fluid management
o Integrated fork-lift pockets for easier transporting of machine
o Standard flood coolant-thru-the-guides system (mist is optional)
o New "easy-to-handle-n-dump" chip totes
o Relocated and improved operator controls

The 400S is the family's introductory machine. Swiveling 45 degrees, it's the ideal machine for the small to medium fabricator or machine shop, looking to make extremely accurate (straight or miter) cuts in smaller quantities. The 400S features a 9" high x 16" wide capacity of rectangles and 10-3/4" rounds, at 0 degrees. This manual machine can be equipped with a variety of options to further ease operation, such as pneumatic head-lift and pneumatic vise attachments.

Next in the line is the fully hydraulic (clamping and head-lift) 500DS. Double-swiveling 45 degrees in one direction and 60 degrees the other, it's the ideal machine for a fabricator cutting multiple angles in the same work piece. The 500DS features a 14" x 20" capacity of rectangles and 15" rounds, at 0 degrees.

The fully automatic member of the family is the newly designed 500-SNC. This model incorporates new, relocated NC touch controls. Now swiveling 60 degrees, this model is even more versatile and ideally suited for production cutting of a variety of structural materials, straight or miter cuts. The 500SNC features a 14" x 19" capacity of rectangles and 14" rounds, at 0 degrees. Speed of cutting is increased with its 40" stroke, and 8x multiple index. Adding an optional nesting fixture will increase production exponentially.

Check regularly for updates on all new machines, including the big brother of the NEW StructurALL machine series, coming soon.

DoALL Sawing Products is the only manufacturer that offers solutions for all of a customer's sawing needs including sawing machines, Saw blades, cutting fluids and material handling systems plus factory service and support, financing, and more. They are supported by a full complement of sawing professionals, three manufacturing facilities and the DoALL Sawing Products North American showroom and demo-center in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Darren Garbutt - General Manager
DoALL Sawing Products
(800) 362-5572 x69023

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