Digital Insight Selects Entrust TransactionGuard to Further Safeguard Its Clients Against Potentially Fraudulent Transactions

Leading On-Demand Banking Provider Enhances 'Deep Defense' Security With Transaction Monitoring Capabilities

CALABASAS, Calif., Dec. 19 - Digital Insight Corp. (NASDAQ:DGIN) (, the leading on-demand banking provider, announced today it has formed a strategic relationship with Entrust, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENTU) (, a world leader in securing digital identities and information, to further strengthen the layers of security protecting Digital Insight client financial institutions and their end users.

Under terms of the agreement, Digital Insight will offer its clients transaction monitoring using the Entrust TransactionGuard(TM) product. Entrust's transaction monitoring tool will help enable security administrators among Digital Insight's financial institution client base to proactively monitor transactions and receive alerts concerning potentially fraudulent online activity. The relationship underscores Digital Insight's commitment to provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to help its financial institution clients optimize the security of the online banking channel.

Digital Insight approaches security in four key areas: systems, partnerships, operations and architecture. Together these elements create what Digital Insight refers to as "Deep Defense," a layered methodology that addresses prevention, detection, correction and reporting of both potential and actual fraud. The Entrust TransactionGuard product will help strengthen Digital Insight's security strategy by extending industry-leading monitoring and fraud prevention capabilities to its client financial institutions.

"Entrust TransactionGuard will help our financial institutions better detect, adapt to and defend against potentially fraudulent transactions without disrupting the end user experience," said Digital Insight Vice President of Security and Compliance Scott Mackelprang. "Adding transaction monitoring capabilities to our Deep Defense security strategy provides yet another layer of user protection that will help our clients ensure their users' peace of mind."

The Entrust TransactionGuard product looks for fraudulent behavior and access patterns by translating transactional data into intelligible information about user behavior. This information is then analyzed by the product to detect dynamic behavioral patterns that help indicate if an activity is fraudulent.

"Through this relationship, more than 1,750 financial institutions now can procure and take advantage of Entrust's TransactionGuard and help shore up their defense against cybercrime," said Entrust Chairman, President and CEO Bill Conner. "Adding back-end fraud detection to Digital Insights' strong authentication measures helps enable risk-based authentication, giving Digital Insight customers a powerful combination to strengthen protection of users online."

TowerGroup Senior Analyst George Tubin added, "While no authentication approach is 100% effective, session monitoring is an approach that can potentially detect fraud by identifying behaviors that typically lead to fraud (e.g., login, change password, set up new bill payee, make payment to new bill payee, logout) or behavior that is uncharacteristic for a specific user based on the individual's transaction history(1). It's a valuable additional safeguard to protect online banking users."

"One of the strengths of our on-demand model is Digital Insight's ability to bring leading capabilities to clients with greater technological and economic benefits than a financial institution could achieve alone," commented Digital Insight Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Stiefler. "Our relationship with Entrust is the latest enhancement to our Deep Defense security environment. It will help ensure our clients can protect their users."

Digital Insight is the largest outsourced provider of Internet banking services in the United States. The company's on-demand solutions enable financial institutions to concentrate on operating their business more effectively and efficiently without having to manage the constraints of in-house solutions. Financial institutions can also take advantage of Digital Insight's ability to maintain more than 100 interfaces to core processing platforms. This capability enables the company to effectively integrate hundreds of products and services from its more than 175 technology partners with the core systems of a large number of financial institutions.

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Digital Insight® Corporation (NASDAQ:DGIN) is the leading provider of on-demand banking services to mid-market banks and credit unions in the United States. The company's extensive portfolio of on-demand applications is hosted in its world-class data center and securely delivered via the Internet. Outsourcing the management of online banking services to Digital Insight empowers financial institutions to generate new sources of revenue, increase customer retention and realize increased cost efficiencies. For more information, visit

As of September 30, 2006, Digital Insight applications served more than 1,750 financial institutions, seven million consumer end users and 115,000 business end users.

(1) No More Straw Houses: The Feds Issue Guidance on Online

Authentication, TowerGroup, Inc., December 2005.

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