Diebold Voting System Relied on 180,000 DigitalPersona Fingerprint Readers in Brazil's Historic National Election

Image Quality, High-Volume Manufacturing and Rapid-Response Technical Services Enabled Smooth Rollout for Leading Civil ID Systems Provider

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - DigitalPersona, Inc., a global provider of authentication and endpoint protection solutions, today announced the company's U.are.U® fingerprint biometrics were incorporated by Diebold into the electronic voting system used in the successful 2010 Brazilian national elections. The combined Diebold-DigitalPersona solution enabled the identity of voters to be verified in the balloting that resulted in the historic selection of President Dilma Rousseff. To ensure that Diebold met the stringent deadlines and quality standards set by the Brazilian government, DigitalPersona® delivered more than 180,000 U.are.U 4500 fingerprint modules over the course of just 3 months. In addition, DigitalPersona worked closely with Diebold to enable its electronic voter registration and balloting systems to take full advantage of the imaging capabilities of the U.are.U fingerprint readers.

"DigitalPersona was the company that had the product quality and manufacturing capabilities to deliver the massive number of readers we needed in such a short time," said Marco Lallo, Project Manager at Diebold. "The U.are.U fingerprint modules were a contributor to our success in the Brazilian national voting system."

Diebold is the global leader in high-quality, affordable voting systems. The company won an extremely competitive bid from the Brazilian Tribunal Superior Electoral (TSE) to create the voter registration and balloting systems for the 2010 elections. Diebold was selected for its expertise in creating secure, highly-reliable voting systems. DigitalPersona's high-performance U.are.U 4500, which has been used in multiple national elections around the world, fit into the design of Diebold's voting system and provided an intuitive, easy-to-use experience for voters. Diebold chose DigitalPersona for its:

- High-volume manufacturing - DigitalPersona was able to deliver more than
180,000 readers over a tightly-compressed schedule of just 3 months.

- Flexibility and Responsiveness - DigitalPersona provided rapid-response
technical support that helped Diebold get from the design of the
biometrics component to high-volume manufacturing in a matter of weeks.

- Deep Expertise in Biometrics Hardware and Software - DigitalPersona
assisted Diebold in responding to the TSE bid, providing insight into
various issues such as fingerprint sensor integration, nuances of
template formats and accuracy, and on-the-fly changes to evolving
requirements and technical issues.

- Industry-Leading Technology - Quick integration of the U.are.U 4500 was
facilitated by its high-quality 500 dpi images, support for
international standard images formats and compact size. In addition, the
fingerprint reader's ergonomic "cool blue" illumination enhanced the
professional appearance of the voting stations.

"Integrators for Civil ID projects, such as the Brazilian national election, require a partner that can move fast, respond to changing requirements and provide superior products," said Michael Printz, vice president of worldwide sales at DigitalPersona. "What makes DigitalPersona unique is our ability to apply our extensive expertise in meeting the cost, time-to-market and quality demands of the commercial sector to helping leading partners such as Diebold deliver world-class Civil ID systems."

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