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Deltacom Selects Infinera for Southeastern Network

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 15 / / - ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. , a leading provider of integrated communications services to customers in the southeastern United States, today announced the selection of an Infinera (NASDAQ:INFN) Digital Optical Network for its regional network.

The Infinera DTN is architected to combine the scalability of high-capacity DWDM transport, the flexibility of digital bandwidth management, and the intelligence of digital GMPLS network automation in a single platform.

Infinera's Digital architecture provides 100 Gigabits/second of capacity on every line card. Infinera's GMPLS-powered IQ network operating system enables auto-discovery of network elements and automates the provisioning process, simplifying and speeding the provisioning process.

An Optical "Just-In-Time" Model

"Infinera's technology, based on photonic integrated circuits, is the latest technology in the marketplace," said Jim O'Brien, Deltacom's Executive Vice President of Operations. "The engineering simplicity, combined with the rapid delivery of modules, brings optical networking deployment much closer to the "Just-in-Time" models that are widely used in manufacturing today, allowing Deltacom to respond to unforeseen capacity demand in a matter of days."

Deltacom has a 15,500 route-mile managed fiber optic network, with extensive coverage of the southeast, allowing the company to offer a comprehensive suite of voice and data services uniquely positioned to support the enterprise space. Deltacom's dedicated enterprise sales and support team markets local, long distance, broadband data communications, Internet connectivity, and professional services to Fortune 1,000 end-user customers in the southeastern United States.

Tony Tomae, Executive Vice President of Wholesale and Enterprise Services added, "The Infinera technology deployed in our network will advance us in our goal of delivering the most innovative solutions to support the growing demand for high-bandwidth applications in the enterprise sector, including disaster recovery and business continuity. With our new network, we can rapidly turn up a range of services, from Gigabit Ethernet to 10 Gigabit waves, to meet the demands of our customers."


ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. ("ITC^DeltaCom") headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, provides, through its operating subsidiaries, integrated telecommunications and technology services to businesses and consumers in the southeastern United States. ITC^DeltaCom has a fiber optic network spanning approximately 15,500 route miles, including more than 11,500 route miles of owned fiber, and offers a comprehensive suite of voice and data communications services, including local, long distance, broadband data communications, Internet connectivity, and customer premise equipment to end-user customers. ITC^DeltaCom is one of the largest competitive telecommunications providers in its primary eight-state region. ITC^DeltaCom has interconnection agreements with BellSouth, Verizon, SBC, CenturyTel and Sprint for resale and access to unbundled network elements and is a certified competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in Arkansas, Texas, Virginia and all nine BellSouth states. For more information about ITC^DeltaCom, visit ITC^DeltaCom's Web site at

Source: ITC^DeltaCom, Inc.

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