Delkor's "Made In America" Toys For Tots Toy Drive Gets National Attention.

Minneapolis, MN (December, 2007) Dale Andersen, president of Delkor Systems has caught the attention of the national media with the twist to his company's Toys for Tots drive this year. With almost 70 toy recalls this year, Delkor modified its Toys for Tots program to "Made in USA" toys. The local media did a feature story on Delkor's "Made in America" focus and it quickly caught the attention of Fox News national programming and USA Today newspaper. Andersen's idea came three weeks ago, after a friend's son was hospitalized after sucking on Aqua Dots, colorful, China-made beads that were laced with a chemical that once ingested breaks down into the dangerous date-rape drug gamma hydroxybutyrate, or GHB.

The campaign also comes after numerous recalls of toys made in China because of
lead content. Last year, 4-year-old Jarnell Brown died of lead poisoning in Minneapolis after swallowing a lead charm that was made in China.

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