DEK's Singulated Substrate Process Delivers Increased Throughput through Unique Tooling Solution

Recognizing that individual processing of chip packages is inefficient and traditional, multiple package processing using dispensing can be slow and defect-ridden, DEK has developed an innovative, robust multiple package solution that dramatically increases cycle time while delivering unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

DEK's singulated substrate system can be used to process multiple packages in the same cycle. Enabled by the company's Virtual Panel Tooling (VPT) technology, parts can be fed into the printing system in JEDEC format carriers and simultaneous processing of individual substrates of varying sizes can occur. Because the advantages of high accuracy mass imaging and full capabilities of the screen printer can be utilized, VPT enables a more seamless crossover between the two arenas of assembly and expands packaging capabilities through increased throughput and yield. This process is ideally suited to high-accuracy or ultra-fine pitch applications such as substrate solder bumping, epoxy printing for die attach, thickfilm substrate manufacture, fluid dispense and other relevant applications.

"Historically, the challenge facing packaging specialists has been the ability to harness the screen printer's high throughput while maintaining the high accuracy necessary for singulated substrate processing," says Richard Heimsch, president of DEK International. "DEK's VPT solution solves this problem by providing a seamless transition for existing materials handling processes."

This unique process from DEK results in record breaking throughput levels while maintaining precision, repeatability and accuracy in alignment and print deposition. VPT aids in cost-effective package manufacturing, significantly reducing overall cost per package, and has been qualified for printing 220 um pitch devices, conductive epoxy for slug attach, ball attach and full pin grid array for passive component assembly.

Throughput can be multiplied by increasing the number of substrates in each carrier, which delivers an even greater return on machine investment and reduces the quantity of systems required to achieve the desired production volume. And, manufacturers can rest assured that the accuracy of substrate-to-stencil alignment will be maintained despite the increase in throughput.

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